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Talking about your pet?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 3rd, 2012

If you have a pet, tell me about it. Tell me what kind of animal it is, its name, why you like it, why it is funny, how long you have had it, etc.
If you have no pet, you can either imagine you have one, or say why you don’t have one…

I’m very willing to answer any questions.

Now’s your chance!

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I’ve got a 1-year-old cat named Chloe. We adopted her when she was 6 weeks old. She’s a beautiful cat, and a huge pain in my ass. :)

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Oh man….I love talking about my pets, ask anyone. ;-p
Well…my avatar is one of my geese “Sonora” and her cheap sheep thrill and interspecies crush ” Clover” one of the sheep next door. They have an unusual relationship and spurn their own kind to make love at the fenceline. haha
Sonoras’ mate is my 14 yr. old white chinese gander “Marwyn”, celebrity goose of fluther. lol

I just posted his famous Xmas pic. in the ” What do you do for the environment” Q.
I also have 2 wonderful adopted cats “Mia & Myles”, a tortie-point siamese female and a Bi-color Ragdoll male. Sadly, many of my past pets are now dead and buried, including numerous farmey pals, chickens, geese, rabbits, a horse, dogs, cats, on & on.
I’ve down sized the micro farm considerably these days but still live vicariously through all the asses, large and small around me. haha

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For a long time, my husband and I had an orange-and-white cat who was missing a back leg. The little guy grew old and passed away.

A few years later, we were vacationing on St. Martin. What shows up at our villa door? An orange-and-white cat who looked exactly like our old friend and was MISSING THE SAME BACK LEG. How weird is that? I still get goosebumps when I tell the story. Of course, we had to adopt the little guy and bring him home. We named him Martin, after his birthplace.

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I have a gorgeous 13 yr old bulldog/ birddog mix named Fleetwood Mac, he has bone cancer and doesn’t have long, but we are spoiling him and loving him as long as possible right now.

Also, we rescued a pretty little 4 yr old female wire-hair terrier named Mona from the rough and tumble city streets where she was starved and mistreated.

I also have a beautiful 5 yr old female green-cheeked conure named Pedra and a 13 yr old male cockatiel named Petey who loves to sing and primp for his mom, but hates hands (he was abused.)

My dogs are really easy to love, they’re both so incredibly loving and sweet, they’re my substitute kids since my husband and I chose not to have children in this ugly world. The birds are a lot less expensive and much easier to care for, but stroking featers isn’t always easy because they’re moody…lol, they get that from me.

What do you have?

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My sweetest (to me) dog passed on three years ago this month, and I still miss her. She was mean to nearly everyone else, but really beautiful.

The dog I have now came from a neighbor who couldn’t keep him in the yard. He is an escape artist and kept coming over to my house because he doesn’t like being alone all day, and I am always home. He finally became my dog when they got a new dog.

He is getting very old, and does not like going outside to do his business. I have had to put down a plastic runner in the hall to protect the rug, and I wash the throw rugs that are in front of every exterior door at least twice a week.

He is very sweet and loves everyone.

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My dog is a 3 year old female named Mocha. Until my older dog died earlier this year, I really did not focus on her as much as my long term companion, Walker.

Mocha is half Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler) and whatever was in the area when she was conceived.

She’s a high energy dog who loves to play. Her favourite toy, the 16 ounce heavy duty Kong toy which she loves to catch and retrieve. Her favourite play is on my lap, but she is no longer the tiny puppy whom I held like a baby when she first came to us. She has gotten a bit too big to be an ideal lap dog. She is over 35 pounds and has very pointy, bony elbows!

Since I am alone far too much, her company is a great comfort and her antics often make me laugh out loud. Once she takes a liking to something (my blanket, bed or chair for instance) it can be very difficult to persuade her that they do not belong to her. Fortunately, with persistence on my part, I can redirect her to those things that are for her!

She is well house-trained and very patient with me until I can take her out. She is responsive to my moods and to times when I am limited by severe pain and we seem to take good care of each other.

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Oh man, I had the sweetest cat. She was very shy but for some reason she decided I was pretty okay. She and I developed a really close bond that no one else was quite able to get with her. I don’t know why. She showed me she loved me in such cute little ways. Scratching on my door in the morning, then begging to be lifted into my bed (she was too arthritic to jump up herself). She’d huddle by my feet until I woke up. She seemed to somehow “know” when I was unwell and would be particularly cuddly with me. I miss her so much, she passed last summer. I put together a photo album of her pics awhile ago.

Her brother is still with us, and he’s her opposite, a very laid-back cat who loves everybody. He’s wonderful too, but that bond isn’t there. He’s very big and playful and loves attention.

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Right now I have two dogs. Mackie is the child of my heart. I have had him since he was a puppy. He is now 12 years old. We also have a rescued greyhound name Kobe.

He (Kobe) is why we don’t have cats. He still has a high prey drive like 40% of all post-racing greyhounds.

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I’ve got a shih tzu that’s just under a year old, and I absolutely adore her. Her name is Chloe, and she’s always super energetic and playful. She likes meeting new people a lot, and she still greets me like one every time I walk in the door. I think she’s done my soul a lot of good over this past year we’ve had her.

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I have a 7.5 year old Jack Russell Terrier called Bella who I have had her whole life and an, approximately, 4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, called Zara who I got from Battersea Dogs Home about 3 years ago.

Bella is a little bit on the grumpy side, very independant and only appreciates attention on her terms. She is ok with people, a little nervous perhaps even though she was socialised from puppyhood. With other dogs (except Zara, who she loves) she is indifferent. She would rather they paid her no attention and let her be. I love her for her cantankorous-ness, she reminds me of an old person constantly yelling at kids to “get off thier lawn”! She is (mostly) very obedient and loves training.

On the other hand, Zara loves everyone and fully expects everyone to love her. She likes to be as close to humans as possible and, despite having a lot of allergies, she is the happiest dog I have ever met. She looks like a gremlin which is why I fell in love with her and ended up taking her home.

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