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Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask, but the written question didn't match what had been in your mind when you decided to post the question?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) December 3rd, 2012

What details?

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A few times only, when I was rushed and not willing to edit.

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I’ve had the similar experience in having an Answer in my head, but not finding an effective way to convey it through typed words.

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“Language is a stupid form of communication.” —Lucy Van Pelt.

OP: Thank you for reminding me why teaching composition is important.

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Questions fail. It happens pretty often, and I don’t think it’s sloppiness. I think we can not anticipate how people will interpret our words all the time. Sometimes, it’s just a failure. All you can do is try again some other time.

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Apparently yes, since instead of the expected result a few weeks after asking my superior for a transfer to another department I got laid off (this is about 65% accurate, yes ;-) ...corporate bullshit :P

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It could be a slight anxiety asking a question if it may be viewed as a sensitive subject especially here when things can get heated at the mere asking of it. If it has one single word out of time, it might cause an unnecessary shitstorm. It can get tricky. People here don’t play.

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Sort of. Or I type it out and realize it’s not worth asking. Just tonight I wrote a long question, but like @woodcutter said it was about a sensitive topic, at least to me currently, and yeah, part of me is afraid! It’s crazy. Still might ask that question tomorrow as it’s really on my mind.

@woodcutter Have you ever seen the show Trailer Park Boys?

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Sometimes it is difficult for me to write words in a way that properly articulate my thoughts, especially with some of the more deeper philosophical questions that I post at times.

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Glad you asked this question. I didn’t know you (English speakers) too face it. I thought it was my incompetent English skills and lack of clear communication all the time. But then, staying here with Englishy flutherers, you can see my (little) improved English version now. It’s not that significant if you compare mine with yours, but my contemporary skills with my earlier skills. Having said that, I understand I still have a long way to go.

And I become more aware of it when I ask students questions and they don’t seem to understand. I figured out it’s not always students’ inability to understand but my inability to state it clearly.

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Sometimes I will have a question and think of it and how I want to word it for a day or two. This may be also because I may not have time to sit and type it out properly.

Sometimes, I have to say that on Fluther I may have a question and not want to ask it, because of the anticipated “jumping on” that other Jellies tend to do if they don’t agree with what is asked or discussed. I see it happen to other Jellies and I have had it happen to me in the past, and it makes me avoid topics that I think Fluther will not agree with.

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@deni Trailer Park Boys? No never heard of it. A TV show?

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All the time, I start rethinking things because I know that Fluther will rip you a new one if you make an error.

Gailcalled is like the English teacher I never wanted…..but I still ♡ her to bits.

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@woodcutter Hahhaha yes it was just funny because when you said “shit storm” I just finished watching an episode and in it, the Trailer park supervisor uses a lot of shit euphenysms and it’s hilarious.

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