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Why are Great Answers orange?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) June 6th, 2008

look at a question where someone made a great answer. it’s ORANGE!

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Do you have an example of one? I don’t think I follow.

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I think it’s because if the thread is large, then someone who is scrolling through it real quick can just pick out what other people think are great answers without having to waste time.

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I think xxporkxsodaxx is right. It makes the most sense. (BTW, I realize where u picked out your name, pork soda! LOL….primus perhaps? :-P )

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Very good, you know I’ve had this user name on the internet and XBOX Live for about 2 years, and only two people including you have caught that lol.

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Last night it was revealed that a GA that is given lurve by the person who asked the question, that it will appear in a different color.

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I think they’re still test driving it, though, I had forgotten to mention that, but should have. I think there’s another thread on it, just poke around a bit, it’s not that old.

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DeezerQueue is right. If you ask a question and give points to a answer the link will turn orange. This only happens if the person that asks the question clicks on a great answer.

This is so you can know if you actually helped the person.

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@johnpowell: That makes better sense to me. Thanks for explaining.

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It’s explained in this thread.

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