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As an adult, what is the worst thing you said or did to one of your parents?

Asked by jca (35976points) December 4th, 2012

As an adult, have you ever gotten so mad at a parent that you told him or her off? Said something mean or nasty to them, told them to shut the fuck up, something along those lines? Or have you done something that many people would consider mean or inappropriate to a parent? Whether or not you regretted it later is another story (you can tell that here if you want to, too).

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After my father died, I told my mother that if she couldn’t stop lying to me, talking trash about my family, and manipulating us, I would end our relationship.

She refused. I kept my word.

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Not to that extent, being angry or disrespectful, but I have told my mother she was out of line with other people a few times.

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I publicly berated my mother when she wanted to be a part of my life and support me at the hospital.

She was interrogating my doctors and they were answering her. I thought it a violation we still weren’t close and I was managing every onems perception of my illness.
Unfortunately they said i needed verfication that I was going home with someone else. And she volunteered. I apologized later but made my boundaries pretty clear.

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My parents lived in Indonesia in the Seventies. I went a year without writing a letter to them.

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No, I had an unhealthy but reasonable fear of my mother until the day she died. My dad is a whole other complicated issue. I’ve spent my adult life verbally protecting him as much as I can as he’s lives in a different part of the country.

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I always felt I could never please my father. I finally told him that, when he was quite old. He didn’t understand how I could feel that way. I wish I’d had the nerve to tell him sooner. I feel like I should never have mentioned it.

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I cut my mother out of my life. Many people are appalled by that, but I had excellent reasons.

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When I was 16 I told my dad he was a hypocrite and not in a fit of temper. I meant it and he knew he deserved it. I know that hurt him and I loved him dearly but his actions in relation to that situation were hypocritical and I was terribly disappointed in him. I learned a lot about him that day. For one, I learned he was human. It just took me a while to process the situation and realise that was the behaviour he displayed that day. He acted like a human between a rock and a hard place and the decision he made was the best for him.

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