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What should i do to make things better between me and my crush?

Asked by luisepic (1points) December 4th, 2012

First of all, i made a huge mistake, i want to fix it up! I am young and still in high school. I really like him/her (he’s/she’s 20), but i can’t tell why it had to be so hard to make her/him understand that i love him! i tried told him/her before almost like this

“i kinda like u a lot, but u don’t have to worry about it because it is just my stupid teenager’s feeling, ha ha, don’t have to reply anything though, ha ha”

i know, its lame, whatever, the point is i keep using this phrase and she/he didn’t react with it, instead he/she laugh at it. i dunno why, maybe the phrase is very childish. So, we talked a lot and i can assure you that we get along pretty well, pretty pretty well, seriously! Then, he/she thought i am different than other teenagers although i find it very hard to accept. so, one day i was getting tired of being just friend! that day i was very in not a good mood, i got mad and accused him/her for hating me and so on, ignore me as a ***** in front of her/his friends. So, he/she said it was nothing, and its just nothing to be argue about. So, i did try to calm myself though. i did not mad at him/her actually, i was very frustrated that she/he never understand how much i like him, although he/she may know actually. i just want him/her to love me too, but never mind, the point is, last words i told him/her are these~

“today i just got some news bout my bestfriend
yeah, he’s a ******* *****, he just did something wrong
so, i got mad and yeah, it wont end
so, i brag it all up to u
but i should not do that right?
forgive me, and i hope u wont get mad again
i am a teenage and u must think i am a fool ****
i should get some matured brain or somthing
but yeah, i shouldn’t meet u before
u’re adults and i am troubling u
hearing my stupid school stuff
yeah, anyway
forgive me
oh, yeah, one more thing
maybe we should stop chatting anymore
its ridiculous

p/s: we always talk in facebook, so, we rarely meet up. those dialogues are also came from facebook

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it sounds like maybe you need to leave this guy alone and do some growing up. Since that’s not likely to happen any time soon, try to keep your conversations with him about things other than your feelings for him. Those will only drive him further away from you. Also, clarity of writing can help with clarity of mind; you might want to reread what you wrote here.

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Give him some space and let him figure it out for himself. Don’t push him into anything because you’ll probably scare him away!

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This is very confusing. Can you provide a concise version of your question?

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I’m sorry, but you should probably leave him alone. You got yourself into this, and it doesn’t seem likely that he will think you are mature enough to have a relationship with.
Try to find someone who is closer to your age. Preferably someone you will actually see more often.

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Woah, I missed the part where he’s 20. How old are you? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to talk to you or get into a relationship with you because you might be underage.

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You cannot make someone like you or love you.

You can, however, keep from throwing up your feelings all over them all the time. Your feelings are your own to wrestle with,

You really need to mature some.

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I agree wholeheartedly with @marinelife. Part of what you need to learn as a teenager is how to manage the intense feelings that come when you have a crush on someone. It doesn’t sound like you are managing them well. Try thinking about someone younger than you saying the things that you’re saying to this individual. How would you feel? How would you deal with it? How would you wish they dealt with their feelings.

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