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What color nails is the best for this outfit?

Asked by sillymichelleyoung (217points) December 4th, 2012 from iPhone

I have a masquerade ball to go to next month. I am wearing a red cocktail dress with silver shoes (not sparkly New Year Eve silver, but a medium grey with some shine). I am also wearing a simple black mask.

My partner is wearing a charcoal grey suit with a red tie and a red napkin hanging out of the pocket.

I am trying to figure out what color to paint my toe an finger nails (no French tips please).

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Red seems the most obvious.

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I think grey or black would be stunning. Also, Tiffany Blue is very appealing with red.

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How about red nails and then put a sparkly glitter polish over top? They have a lot of pretty silver colored glitter colors out for the holiday’s. I have an OPI nail polish called “Malaga Wine” its really pretty.

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Red would be good I think.

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I would try to find a red that matches your dress as closely as possible. Maybe try the color on one nail first to see how it looks.

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I think a wine colored red would be beautiful.

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For drama, I’d go with a dark charcoal grey or black.

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I’d go with a red for the toes. It’d go great with the shoes. A purplishred or black for the fingers. I think that would look hot.

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I am partial to metalic so I would say silver glitter.

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I would wear metallic blue by sally hansen and on one finger on each hand red or black

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