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Your behavior with respect to power and ambition?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 4th, 2012

Ambition is the first step toward greatness. Are you aiming for the stars?

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Sure. Why do you ask?

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No. I’m just trying to color within the lines (mostly), but I have complete control of the color palette.

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I have always chosen balance and fulfillment over power and ambition. Not always sure if I made the right choices but that was what I have been shooting for.

Welcome to Fluther! It’s great to have some new folk here.

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The greater the ambition, the greater the fall. You won’t find me jumping across the Grand Canyon on a Harley.

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Not as ambitious as I used to be, my perfectionism was killing me. I’m happier now, but will probably never be as successful as I once hoped.

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No, I’m not ambitious, and I care nothing for power. All I’ve ever wanted to do is live a quiet life.

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I just want to be relatively happy, and to be decent, kind person.

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I am ambitious to do the best I can do in many areas of my life. I am not ambitious for power or status though. I want to have a fulfilled life and for me that means succeeding at the things I attempt. With my research, I want it to be useful but mostly I want to keep learning. I also want it to be published and I want it to be respected and valued by my peers. With my teaching, I want to feel I am not only an effective teacher but an inspiring teacher that encourages others to love learning. With my family, I want to feel I have added to their lives and am an important part of their lives. In my creative pursuits I want to gain enjoyment and to feel I am growing and learning.

I don’t see myself as wanting ‘greatness’ though. That word doesn’t feel right to me.

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I am quite ambitious in my own ways, but not in seeking status or fame and fortune.
I just strive to learn and be happy in the moments. Use my gifts and strengths accordingly. Ambition is not a bad thing but one must be careful to not base their self worth on the great “out there” and power at the expense of others is evil.

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Is today “speak in bumper sticker slogan day”?

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Nah I don’t aim for much. In the violent river that is life, I grab on to some stray log, and hope not to fall off, and to not smash into rocks.

I mean, some people see treasure chests at the bottom of the river, or shopping carts, and they dive for them. But then, they find themselves overwhelmed by the weight of the treasure, and they drown. Some drown before they even learn how to swim. Others do it like it’s a breeze, and become stars as bad guys in about 703 low budget martial art movies.

Some people try to swim towards peaceful lagoons or calm lakes, hoping to score. Others, as you say, go against the current, try to go up a waterfall and be the king of the moon, as they bypass all the bears that are up there waiting for them. Many hope that some dude in a kayak is going to saaaaave them, while others believe that as they get caught in fishing hooks, the truth is out there.
But maybe you only find peace when you wash up on the shore and die? Even if you had power before that. And it’s kind of sad because ultimately, isn’t everyone just really trying to get to the shore?

I’m not saying for a second that one shouldn’t have ambitions or power though, not at all. Go them! Hell yeah.

And I’m not saying I’m all depressed and that everything sucks. This isn’t what this shitty metaphor here is saying.

Cuz I’m all riding on my log full speed ahead going, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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Meh. I prefer a boat. Preferably with a steel hull.

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