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As you approach different ages do you think about how you want to act/be in that age?

Asked by tranquilsea (17760points) December 4th, 2012

I ask because I’ve done this throughout my life. I thought about how I wanted to act and be as a teenager, young adult and now middle age (as I just turned 40). I’m wondering how common this is.

I’ve been thinking a lot about people who have mid-life crisis-es. Why can’t they understand why they are doing what they are doing?

Did you think about it and aim for a goal? Or do you just wander through life?

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I am constantly evolving and trying to grow but I don’t think of it at all as in relationship to age. I just want to be the best “me” I can be, whatever age I am.

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Yep. Always want to be younger than I am.

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I thought about where I wanted to be in terms of my life at certain ages not how I would act.

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No, I have just wandered aimlessly on trusting that I can adapt.

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No I haven’t quite done this, but I have had a sense of what I thought I should be like at certain ages or stages of my life. For instance now I’m pregnant, and I’ve witnessed my sister in pregnancy 3 times and have spent my life looking up to my sister… and yet I don’t feel like I always imagined she did. Daft I know. GQ.

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I have always taken life as it comes and have never tried to be anything in particular apart from myself. People now think I am old but where they get that from I have no idea.

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I thought that when I got older, I could say anything I wanted. I thought it would be fun to be a salty old lady and use profanities left and right. As time went by, I realized that never using profanity except on particularly provocative occasions made the profanity much more powerful because nobody expects it of you. The shock value makes people stop in their tracks. That’s fun.

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I’m approaching 45. And I just realized I’ve always been following basically the same method of behaviour that I’ve done all these years. I always end up just being me I guess. If there’s any difference, it’s being more aware of my usual good nature and the bad. And being more aware does not necessarily translate to change.

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I rarely think of age in respect to my life. However, as I approach 70, I am surprised. I always thought people who were 70 were old, but I don’t feel that way most of the time.

I did have a momentary concern yesterday, because I felt a pain in my head at the same time as a tingly feeling in my left arm, and it scared me. I was wondering if it was a stroke.

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I wouldn’t say I have a goal, but age as it pertains to life-stage is something I’ve always been very aware of. When I was younger than 30, I always seemed to be too ‘old’ for my age. I always felt out of step with my contemporaries, and at the wrong stage of life for my age group. A rough childhood matured me way too early, I guess. Started working at 14, started paying my own way at 15, got married at 19, bought my first home at 21, etc. As 30 approached, I remember being sort of afraid of the number, but the minute I actually turned 30, I finally felt like I was in the right stage, at the right age. Being in my thirties, as a married homeowner with kids, finally felt exactly right. Since then, I never think about it anymore. I mostly just wander, now. Probably not a great thing.

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No, now that I’m in my 60’s I just hope pieces don’t start dropping off.

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I’ll be 53 this month and this last decade between 43 and 53 has been the most growth producing decade of my life. One of my premiere goals that I have met and continue to uphold, is being very selective about who I spend time with.
Life is too short for drama and frustrating personalities. I am very self aware and give myself check ins and tune ups as needed.

Otherwise yes, I am a wanderer too, I don’t like adhering to strict protocol of any kind and I live best in a flexible realm with some pragmatism of course. I am definitely more oriented towards the journey rather than the destination.

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I don’t think so. I don’t like to ‘pigeon hole’ myself because of my age number. Certainly as I age the body doesn’t do the things it used to do so well – but I don’t consciously think “I am in my 30s, 40s, 50s and should be…”. I haven’t had a mid-life crisis that I can remember. I have had life crises though. Where my life has, because of external changes or personal decisions, changed dramatically. These haven’t been dictated by my age though.

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No, i’ll be a childish bastard til they day my clogs are popped, hoorah & lashings of ginger beer!

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I know I have always looked at who I am in any one decade because I didn’t have really great role models growing up. I always suspected there was a better way to be and spent a bit of time (not obsessively) looking at people I grew to admire and using them as role models.

In this age obsessed time we live in being 40 is interesting.

Like you, @augustlan, I had to grow up fast. I felt 40 when I was 20 so turning 40 isn’t a big deal to me. But so many in society think it’s a big deal.

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Age is very relative to me. Much like everyone else here.
Some of my experiences have prematurely aged me, yet left me lacking in other aspects.

I work around the elderly dying everyday. I have witnessed over 140 deaths of old age most of them meant something to me.

I look at my peer group and at times I feel like it is impossible to ever relate on anything. These feelings are usually blown out of proportion.And they generally blow over. Concepts and ideas of aging well they are just that. I mean even the body doesn’t age like everyone thinks, if you feel wear and tear that is because you aren’t active and not taking care of yourself. Not because you are old and ready to crawl into a wheel chair.sorry, rant

But mostly I think the ability to cope with what life hands us and move on push higher is the most important thing.

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@rosehips I agree to a degree about the “use it or lose it” mantra, but… all sorts of weird little things start to randomly happen when you hit 50sih.
Wonkyy fingers, wonky knees, various irritating aches and pains, old injuries start bothering you, regardless, parts will deteriorate, like it or not.
Stretching becomes really important. lol

I have about 4 annoying little body things going on that drive me nuts right now. Pffft!

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@Coloma just 5? Your doing great! Nah naturally there are limitations. I am talking about mid twenty to thirty year old moaning as they creak and saying I’m getting old. Or I can’t I’m too old to do that (physical thing) No hunny you ain’t old your outta shape.

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@rosehips Yes, I am 5! :-p

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I’m physically ahead of or behind my age, depending on how well I’m taking care of myself.

Mentally/psychologically, it varies, depending on whether I’m an AngryWhiteMale that day, or more mellow.

Emotionally sometimes I’m Yoda, sometimes I’m a spoiled teen.

But from the day after Thanksgiving until January, I’m six. ;-)

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