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Is Dr J getting a red hat and beard? Or a Mayan King's Headdress ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (22169points) December 4th, 2012

I asked the question two years ago. Or is he getting a Mayan Headdress in honor of 2012?

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We haven’t seen much evidence that Dr J’s costumer is in the house.

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He should have a Viking hat with horns.

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He has a Christmas costume if someone could put it on him.

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Lol check it out. I gave him a hat and beard.

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I still think he’d suit an SS uniform & a sadistic smirk, “Heil Himmler!”

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Thanks bro. :)

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Hey – half of the founders is Jewish – how about a yarmulka for Hanukah?

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<< There he is look, playing darts in the buff!!

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I’m not technically advanced enough to change Dr J’s costume, sadly. Hopefully, Ben can do it for us!

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