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What is the best method of personalizing a mug? (See details)

Asked by deni (22607points) December 4th, 2012

Basically for Christmas I have drawn something specifically that I want to put on a mug for a gift for my bf. I assumed the best route would be to draw it, scan it into the computer, and send it to an online store and have them then ship it to me. If that’s the case, what is the best, highest quality web site for doing so with the most options for mug styles, colors, etc? If there is another way to do it, I’d like to hear about that too. I don’t want it to look cheap or fake or like it’s “transferred” onto the mug. It’s kind of a big deal, we both have this weird thing for coffee mugs lol. I was thinking maybe there is some type of thing where I just draw ON the mug and then put some type of protective coating on it? Um, am I crazy? Basically I’m just looking for suggestions or anything that comes to mind for something like this, as I’ve never really done it before. Also it’s going to be very colorful, if that matters. Thanks fine folks.

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You could try for having it custom printed. For a DIY method, see here.

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@augustlan ohhh I really like the thought of the second DIY method!!!! I’m worried about it washing off though, seemed that happened to a good amount of people who used it. What if I found a way to take that mug into a pottery studio or something then I glazed it with clear? Is that possible, if I could find a place to do it? Would that seal it in for good do you think?

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@deni I think you’d have to use an unfired mug, supplied by a DIY pottery studio, for that to work. Use their supplies to ‘paint’ the unfinished mug, then fire it in their kiln. I’m guessing that you can’t fire an already finished mug, which you’d need to do to get the glaze to set.

At the end of the DIY instructions I linked to, there was a suggestion of using a different type of marker that she thought would hold up better. I think I’m going to give it a try!

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@augustlan I saw that and clicked on it but it seems as though that set of markers is about 50 bucks! Yeeeeeee…but I didn’t look very hard. Good point on the finished mug. Didn’t think of that. Also I really am much less articulate and crafty with a paint brush than I am with a pen or pencils, so maybe the painting/pottery route isn’t the one for me. Hurmmm.

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Then when I think about it, a pack of many colors of sharpie would probably not cost much less than those more permanent markers. OH I’M TORN.

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Why not go to one of those color me mine type places and make a mug that will actually be fired in a kiln? That’s what I did. They have paint markers, and regular paints of course also, made for that sort of thing. It usually costs $12—$20 for a mug, paints, and firing it.

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If you go to a big craft store, you’ll probably be able to buy individual markers in just the colors you need. That might save you some money.

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@augustlan Unfortunately there will be rainbows and many colors in between. Which is why I was hoping to use colored pencils, I’ve got a great set with everryyyyyy color. Hum.

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Order a personalized Fluther mug? Lol.

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