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In search of a story title...

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15623points) December 4th, 2012

I’m writing a fiction story and I’m admittedly awful at coming up with titles for these types of things. I thought I’d get some help from the Fluther community.

It’s about a gay male couple that are finally together after a long bumpy road of finding their way to each other. The best friend of one of the guys dies in a car accident, and he has a hard time coping, resorting to drinking and isolation to numb the pain. His partner’s frustration grows as he tries to help, but to no avail. After a heated argument, he goes out to a bar, gets drunk, and ends up sleeping with someone else. It just so happens that this “someone else” is his ex, and the person that he cheated on his partner with years earlier. The rest of the story goes through their separation and eventual reunification, with all the angsty bits in between.

Now, I’m looking for something that calls upon history repeating itself OR betrayal OR a happy home being broken. This will not be published anywhere but the internet, so song titles are fair game.

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Being and Redundance

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I was thinking “Fatally Yours.”

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The Day the Twinkies Disappeared

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@AshLeigh Ooo, I love that! A definite possibility, thank you!

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What Comes Around

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(I’ll throw out a few… maybe something like one of these?)
“Of Course You’re Enough” / “This Is Enough” / “Enough”
“When We Were Fine”

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How I came to love angst
The hidden masochist
Bloody Gin
As the wheel turns

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Brokeback Peak…actually it’s more of a hillock, well okay then it’s a fucking mound!!

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Fucked Again

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Fluther: Social – A Typical Question

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Road to nowhere
Life’s backseat
One night stand, the sequel!
Closed back door
Oops I did it again
What what, in the butt?

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Thanks everyone! Aside from the oh so clever joke responses, these were very helpful. :)

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Let us know what you decide. :)

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I decided on Friction a la @filmfann for this one, but I have something else in mind for Fatally Yours. I’m saving a few others for future projects as well. :)

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