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How can I connect my new t.v. with an out dated cable box?

Asked by Wine (636points) December 4th, 2012

I recently purchased a haier le32n1620 which only supports component video and hdmi but the cable boxes that my college supplies only has the red white and yellow RCA cables (along with an extra black plug that I don’t know the name of, but apparently it is of no use to me). Is there any way I can make this work with some sort of converter?

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I checked out my recently acquired Westinghouse and find the same things. However I did find a plug that simply says ‘video’ right below the right and left audio inputs. You might try plugging the yellow plug into that. The red and white cables would go into the top two rca jacks in the component inputs. Definitely not going to get high definition out of that setup, but the TV should down-convert to at least make it viewable.

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You could get a Yamaha receiver that takes Composite Video (Yellow for video, Red/White for sound) as input, and outputs HDMI. I have one. I am able to gather all my sources, and run a single HDMI cable to the TV => much neater.

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@majorrich I tried all of the different combinations between the red white and yellow inputs but the best I could get was a black and white screen with audio.

@RocketGuy How much are they generally? I may have googled it incorrectly but from what I see they’re a couple hundred.

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I think this converter has all the right RCA plug inputs and a HDMI output. You’ll need a HDMI cable too. Says it is for older components to input into a home theater, I read that as HDMI on the back of your new TV. Cost less than a couple of hundred dollars.

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It says it supports NTSC and PAL. Would this create any sort of complications?

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@Wine : Nah, They are just two of the major display standards. NTSC is the standard in the Americas, and PAL is the standard in Europe, a big chunk of Asia and Africa and Australia. As long as you don’t live in the middle east, former USSR states or in Western Africa you should be good.

And HDMI makes it all irrelevant these days anyway.

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Looks like I won’t be deprived of t.v. for much longer then. Thank you!

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