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Sexy Male Celebrities Over 40?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15608points) December 4th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m 23 and people always give me a hard time for being attracted to older guys. My husband is my age, but when it comes to celebrities, some of the older ones are just so sexy to me. My favorites (no particular order):

Gerard Butler – 43 – that accent!
Hugh Laurie – 53 – yes, House.
Gale Harold – 42 – guh!
Johnny Depp – 49 – soo sexy
Brad Pitt – 48 – goes without saying
Bon Jovi – 50 – the voice!

There are many more, but I’d like to hear from you!

I realize that many of you are over 40, but who are some celebs over 40 that you think are just as sexy (or sexier) than they were years ago, and what is it that makes them sexy?

Men and women! (Jennifer Aniston, anyone?)

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I was going to say Gerard Butler but saw you already had him up there :) I did not know he was that age, I thought he was about 36. He is very dashing!

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Will Smith, at 42—hot looking and great sense of humor to boot. George Clooney at 45. Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy, also 45. Yeah, I can see sexiness in cougars, and in their male counterparts as well. “We are an equal opportunity employer.”

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John Goodman.
Just look at this sexy hunk


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Yeah that’s right, sexualise professional men trying to earn a living in the “goldfish bowl” that is entertainment!
A typically shallow, narrow minded view of sexist morons regardless of gender.
Anyway, here’s a pic of a fine actress, fantastic talent :¬)

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Joseph Fiennes, who will turn 43 in about 6 months.

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I have always found Tommy Lee Jones to be attractive and intriguing.
Hugh Jackman’s not too shabby!
How about Daniel Craig, mmmmmmmmm!

I think Tommy Lee is the only one who is close to my age. And how could I forget Robert Redford, he is about 10 years older than I but still looking good. And up until he started talking to chairs, I would have said Clint Eastwood.

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OMG, how could I have forgotten @zensky!!!!!

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I’m 39 so you’re forgiven.

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What ever happened to clean shaven? Doesn’t all that facial stubble scratch thighs?

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Robert Downey Jr.
All the rest I like have already been mentioned

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@ETpro George Clooney is currently 51.

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I gotta add Kevin Costner to the mix! He just has that little sensual sexy something about him. MmHm.

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@filmfann I was going to correct him, too, when I realized he posted a pic of George when he was 45. We are too anal.

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Matthew McConaughey

He’s 43 (just two years older than me)

also, Jon Hamm is handsome. He’s 41.

I know I can think of men older than me who are sexy but I need more coffee this morning. I’m going blank right now.

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I’m right here – a sexy mail celebrity over 40.

How can I help you?

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Go ahead. Objectify my ass. Make my day!

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I was wondering—what kind of ass is that, anyway?

No. Never mind. Forget I said anything.

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@filmfann He was 45 when the linked photo was shot. What the heck happened?

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@ETpro Looked more like 60.

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Patrick Stewart

Alan Rickman

Mark Harmon

Edward Norton

Colin Firth

Charles Shaugnessy

John O’Hurley

Denzel Washington

Michael Caine

Ben Kingsley

Pierce Brosnan

Blair Underwood


Dana Delaney

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss

Fran Drescher

Queen Latifah

Michelle Pfeiffer

Jody Foster

Halle Berry

Sandra Bullock

Vanessa Williams

Emma Thompson

Jennifer Lopez

Lucy Liu

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Rowan Atkinson
Leo Laporte
Christoper Lloyd
Jeff Jarvis
Mel Brooks
Danny DeVito

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I dont think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to Danny DeVito as sexy….

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@zensky You’re 39?! Wait, really?

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@uberbatman – there are a couple on that list that had me scratching my head, but hey, to each her own!

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