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Are you good at mimesis?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) December 5th, 2012

Mimesis just might send you to the dictionary. Fortunately, dictionaries are online now, so when something you are reading online leaves you pondering the meaning of a word, you no longer have to trundle off to your bookshelf, blow the accretion layer of dust off a heavy, lexiconic tome, and thumb carefully through its many pages to discern the unfamiliar word’s meaning, do you? So when I hit mimesis while reading USA Today‘s article on the most looked up words of 2012, isn’t it natural that I went straight to the article’s source?

But to live up to my reputation for embedding a Fluther full of questions in the details for my main question (By the way, who was it that said I did that?), what do you think capitalism and socialism sharing top honors this past year? Will Americans, having actually looked up the words, finally learn that politicians bemoaning the USA’s becoming a socialist state, or claiming this or that opposition leader is making the USA over in the socialist mold, are talking malarkey? Don’t they know that the reality is corporate profits in the USA are at an all time high? Don’t they know that the worlds largest and second largest stock exchanges are both in New York City? The USA is hardly the nation Marx or Engels would admiringly point to as proof of their theories, is it?

Will you free to choose any question or questions in this run-on series of rambling thoughts? Or does this stream of consciousness suggest an as-yet unasked question to you? If yes, do you feel free to answer that question and leave the main one above untouched?

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I’m not but I am learning to be by necessity.

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I’m not but I am learning to be by necessity.

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Monkey see, monkey do.

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Sincerest form of flattery. I’m getting better at it. Or not. No. I think not. I just said that without thinking.

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I used to do impressions at school of famous folks/teachers/friends, my cowardly lion from Oz went down particularly well.

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I never ask any question other than the one in the question.

So, having said that, what’s the question?

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I was a smartass and answered without looking at the definition thinking I knew what it meant. I goofed up.

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Are YOU good at mimesis. I’m only good at looking words up in the dictionary.

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Well! There are certainly enough questions embedded in the question. As you know we mostly agree with eachother so that would make me a mimesis of you.

That being said, I would like to address your embedded question as to whether Americans understand socialism or capitalism. I submit that they not only misunderstand those definitions, they don’t know the difference between a fascist and a socialist. Some people think liberals can’t be patriotic and that the President caters to Muslims and think that the Patriot Act is patriotic and that day traders aren’t just gamblers. Many Americans should walk around with Webster strapped around their neck.

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Part of what makes me funny (according to others) is my ability to imitate almost anyone. I can imitate their expressions, tone, rhythm, delivery and act like them.

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@janbb, @mazingerz88, @picante, @burntbonez, & @ucme: Not big on question details I see. :-)

@wundayatta Take your pick. This is an open season on all questions question. And the first five answers lead me to believe you are right—why would anyone ask additional questions in the unread question details. Better still, why bother to write question details if they will go unread?

@janbb That’s often my nemesis too. :-)

@Ron_C Thank You.

@linguaphile That’s a cool gift, but you probably shouldn’t apply it toward imitating this sort of question.

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@ETpro I did read them but couldn’t really figure out how they related to the main question so I kind of ignored them.

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What she said.

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@janbb & @ucme I get that too when I read other people’s question details… So I guess I’m good at mimesis.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….it says here.

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^^^ What @janbb and @ucme said ^^^

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