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When posting a long video to Facebook that I only want to show a small portion of, how do I clip the short period I want people to see?

Asked by jca (35899points) December 5th, 2012

I have been trying to “share” a video from You Tube (and it’s also on another site) to Facebook. When I click on “embed” there’s something with “start at” and you can enter the time. However, when I enter the time I want the viewing to begin, and then I go to the actual Facebook post, the entire three hour video is up there.

How do I ensure that only the small clip I want shown will be the only part posted to FB?

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Here’s a review of a few free video editing apps. It looks like Jumpcut is the one they liked the best. Also, if you use windows XP, then you have Windows Movie Maker, and can do some simple editing with that.

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Quicktime Pro is something I’ve used to edit videos. It’s pretty intuitive. Easier than many of the other software I’ve tried.

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I have the impression that the OP is ‘sharing’ videos that have been posted on other sites, not videos that were recorded by them – so video editing software may not work.

Usually, I see friends share videos, and in the comment that accompanies the post, they note the time in the video that they are referring to, so watchers can skip to that point if they want to.

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@hearkat: Correct – thank you for helping me clarify.

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