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What has the best crunch?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) December 5th, 2012

However you interpret it. ;-)

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Barbara’s Bush when George Snr goes down on her?

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A fresh layer of snow being stepped on for the first time.

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A truck full of taliban playing chicken with an M1 tank.

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I like Frosted Flakes before they get soggy, fresh French green beans, raw carrots, Cheetos….those are the first things that come to mind.

Bad crunch is what I hear at the race track sometimes.

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My dog eating a potato chip.

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Potato chips, but I’m not wasting them on a pet!

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Bisli Grill – an Israeli snack. Here ya go

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A dog chewing a bone. Cucumbers and carrots, really fresh especially. GOOD wonton strips not shitty ones. Raisin Bran has a pretty good crunch except for the occasional raisin that’s too hard and almost rips out your tooth. Fresh snow is a good one @jonsblond….there’s a lot!

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@jonsblond stole my answer! I cannot think of anything better than the sound of snow,crusted over with ice, being stepped on!
I refuse to even offer a first runner up although I think potato chips and dog bones are really great too.

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@Earthgirl I thought snow was my favorite non-food crunch as well til I remembered what it sounds like to step on that thin layer of ice, preferrably around the outside of a frozen lake. Oooh my god.

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OH GOD actually I remembered something far better. There are these little berries that grow on bushes in the neighborhood I live in. They are growing right now, seem to be in their prime. They are kind of soft, and when you squeeze them they make this AMAZING!!!!! soft crunch. It is mindblowing. When I discovered them I stood on the sidewalk for about ten minutes popping them in my ear! Just the other day I discovered a bush of them LITERALLY in my neighbors front yard along the sidewalk. It’s the little things!!!!

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Sometimes, after you burn the bones of an animal, you might walk through the remains of the fire after it has gotten cool. The bones may not have entirely burned, but if you step on them, they will collapse with a very satisfying crunch.

Ok. I’m making that up, but it seems plausible.

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@deni I have never experienced that but it sounds great. What lake have you walked on? You are so sensual! I love that!

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Kettle Chips

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Autumn leaves.

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@Earthgirl Haha thanks!!! :) The one that comes to mind is the resevoir in town. I have only been there once actually it was last winter and it was frozen almost completely. I was walking around the edge and crunching the ice and it was incredible. Extremely fulfilling to the senses!! That’s all we talked about the whole time was how amazing that sound is! I am actually a wimp about lakes, water, and ice though and I refused to go out very far. This is a really cool picture my friend happened to take that day. I don’t always dress that colorfully though I should

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Raw carrot with hummus is my favorite.

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@deni OMG! What a great picture! I love how the bkgd is all wite snow and ice! You lok so cute in your colorful outfit. Thank you for sharing that

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