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What is warming your heart now?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) December 5th, 2012

I’m thinking Christmas seasonal kind of things. Real things. Something that struck you because it was personal and made you feel like there are some good people out there in the world.

It’s easy to be cynical, I think, but difficult to look for the good. So try. See if you can take any story that happened to you lately, and see the good in it. If you make me cry, I promise I’ll say so. ;-)

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The thought that my parents are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary tomorrow. I love my parents.

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I am loved by a person who accepts me completely. Without reservation, warts and all. And although I feel like my world is tumbling down, this is warming me. This is keeping me going. To be loved like this chases away all the chills! This is better than any gift, or present or even a glowing fire.

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The lovely finance manager at the hospital found some strings to pull so that I don’t have to pay up front money I don’t have for a surgery I’ve needed for over three years, and has turned into an emergency situation.

Of course, this also makes me pissed off that I live in a country in which such a thing as a “mandatory deductible” is even a thing.

But what she did is also really nice.

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We take money here in our office for various charities and non-profits, and lately we’ve been holding a drive for toys for local needy children. There are tons of people bringing new toys in and even taking 2— 3 children’s ‘lists’ with them, it’s amazingly refreshing.

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-I received my very first thank you/Christmas card from a student, one of my favorite students, this week. It almost made me cry.

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See my question re. hot water bottles here

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The thought of being able to return home after work to a daughter who is excited every time she sees me and a wife that greets me at the door with a kiss, a blessed life that I am to lucky to have.

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This too shall pass.

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My mechanic told me today that no mice have, as of yet, taken up permanent residence under the hood of my car. He also suggested that I leave a mousetrap on the driver’s floor mat nightly.

A small matter in the scheme of things, but my heart did skip an extra beat on hearing this. Plus, the resident black lab at the garage licked my face and played ball with me until I had to leave.

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That each year seems to just get better, no matter what I say, the older I become the more confident and wiser I become too. The ideas of having a baby or starting a family really warms my heart. Working really hard this year to get something I always wanted as a Christmas gift. And seeing my ex boyfriend and high school sweetheart that I haven’t seen for over 5 years really warms my heart too. But the Holidays always makes me feel extra happy and romantic :)

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My children’s faces when they sleep.

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Acid reflux. Still, I gotta have the occasional Taco Bell fix.

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I have Milo in his carrier in the back seat of my car and mouse #8 in his little Havahart (with some almond butter and water for the journey) in the front passenger seat, preparatory to our trip to the vet’s and the the front yard of the former friend who was unkind and ditched me when I needed friends.

It’s a lovely day for a nice drive in the country.

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Yesterday my boyfriend told me that, despite having relationships before me, I am his first love. That gave me the warm and fuzzies!!!

Also, my (new) little crush on Helena Bonham Carter (developed after I saw Great Expectations a few days ago) is quite enjoyable!

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@gailcalled: It warmed my heart to hear that not only do you rescue and release the mice in your house, but you feed them on the journey. That is so sweet O_O But your former friend might not be as kind to mice as you are…

@Leanne1986 : That is lovely to hear.

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@bookish1: I am hoping that this mouse and those to come will turn the tables on my former friend and invade her home.

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@gailcalled : Well that’s what I figured… I just meant that she might kill the mice that you have been so kind to.

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I have brainwashed these mice before releasing them; they are now uber Måuse and can easily outwit this woman.

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@bookish1 Which part? My boyfriend and his love confession or my filthy little crush on HB-C?

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@Leanne1986 : Oh haha I was referring to your boyfriend. I have no idea who Helena Bonham Carter is, but celebrity crushes are fun :)

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