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How do I talk to a guy I'm practically scared of?

Asked by GoldenDaysAreBest (75points) December 5th, 2012

Some hot *** guy is in two of my classes. But he’s like always sitting on the other side of the class rooms. and we have the same lunch. But… like its awkward..? idk how to explain. But he would stare at me sometimes. and friends would tell me that and id notice it too. He is SO tall… i might have said this in my last question im just-—-THIS GUY! he waaayy too tall im short as **** and kinda a small size and i get this from like everyone i meet lol. At the beggining i wasnt so insecure about it untill like some really tall hot guy was just waayy taller and it made me want to be at least a lil bit taller lol. Embarrassing moments: he had to pick me up to reach a fn bar to do the pull up crap and he was the one that picked me up cuz he was one of the tallest of class… omg… so muther effin emaraassiiiinggg!! >.< anywayss…. yea hed stare sometimes and everytime id say something in class it be like he wants to respond—? and rarely tries to get my attention. (he’s got it lmfao) but then there are times where im like the last thing on his mind type of person lol. i want to talk to him badly but i think we started of terrible bc of that pick up thing. so anything would be awkward if i said anything. but he seems like he’s got it all under control. hes too good loooking for me. i mean i think im decent looking he waayy… to good… but id like to just at least get to actually know him lmfao. how would i do this? how do i get to know some really popular tall guy who i got embarrassed in front of and seems like way out of my liege. its hard cuz of the fact i only have two classes with him and both we sit like ages away from eachother… heeelp. (p.s i dont look like im scared infront of him. Infact i try to be the one thats got it all under control too. But inside im like…. holy **** im going to melt any second or im going to fall and trip on face soon)

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