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What is the next step?

Asked by HL2DeadPants (30points) December 5th, 2012



I feel as if I wait she will find someone else and just leave me as a friend, what should I do to take it to the next level?

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Stop over thinking it and just DO something!
Call her NOW, ask her out, TELL her you think she’s great!
You’re a wastin’ time kiddo….get on it, be brave, make your move!
Hesitation kills, drivers and new relationships. lol

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If she finds someone else and sticks with them forever… she is happy and you guys were not ment to be. However, she can realize her love for you anytime…so don’t lose hope. Start talking to her more than usually until you can find a reaction to it. If its good, keep with it…. if its a bad reaction, stop and try something else or try someone new.

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You’ve been friendzoned. You can ask her out, but it could end up being extremely awkward if she declines. But it sounds like you are convinced, so that’s the next step. Ask her out on a date. Just be prepared in case that’s the end of the relationship.

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