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Does anyone have any idea on how I can de-wax my cats tail?

Asked by kitszu (1326points) December 5th, 2012

I have one of those candle warmers but the candle I used wasn’t in a jar, so it’s just a bowl of wax. I think my cat was bird watching and idle tail flicking and dipped his tail in the melted wax. Anyway, an inch at the end of his tail is waxed and it’s driving him nuts. (And me, he’s been very verbal about how displeased he is with the situation and the fact that I haven’t rectified it yet.) I know all kinds of ways to get wax up or off of everything else, I’ve just never had to de-wax a cat before. Any suggestions?

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Just trim the waxed fur off the end of his tail. Obviously being careful to not clip him with the scissors. Have someone hold him, or, put him in front of a bowl of tuna for distraction.

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Depending on how deep it is into the fur you might be able to use ice on it until it is brittle enough crumble.

Personally, I would just try to cut the fur off.

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Heat and cold work, but on a live cat that is questionable.

How bout vinegar. Seems to work on everything else.


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I found this, but I don’t think it would have worked on any of my cats. They don’t like water enough for me to survive without a trip to the ER.

I think trimming with a scissors would be a better answer if you can get it all.

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I have successfully given Milo a sponge bath with a towel soaked in very warm water after he was sick in the carrier and soiled bits and pieces of himself.

I found that if I worked fast, I could manage to wipe off legs and flanks.

Another trick is to wrap the cat, papoose style, in a towel, so that his legs are covered and then deal just with the tail. Get a friend to grip him, in his wrapping, like a football. That leaves you with both hands free and makes the odds a little better.

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Thanks guys. I got most of it out between snipping and brushing. Scout’s not going to speak to me for a couple of days (unless he’s hungry) but he’s happier.

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^^^Well done. And rest assured, he’ll be hungry in about 30 minutes and have absolutely no memory of the recent indignities you submitted him to..

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shave its tail, i thought about shaving my cat to have a dr. evil like cat, but its winter time and i dont use the heat

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I was also going to suggest putting ice on it so it would flake away easier.

Oddly, this is the second time this week someone I know online has reported their cat getting wax on their tail, and I’d never heard of that happening before!

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wrapping him bubting style, get brown grocery paper or paper towels and a heating pad.wrap paper around area of wax, place in heating pad set on high, wax will melt and soak into the paper.. FYI if its on material works same way with clothes iron and paper

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UPDATE: (like anyone cares, lol)

My cat actually got so tired of the wax, he ripped out what I couldn’t cut out, himself. So now, instead of being a wax tail cat, he’s a nub tail cat, precious as ever though. :) Anyone else, think about how much our animals bring (without even trying) to our lives?

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@hearkat People at work died when I told them, LOL. Now Trending Wax Tail Cats_

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