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How many times per day do you check your appearance in mirrors?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 6th, 2012

Are you narcissistic ? Or does your appearance is of secondary importance ?

Do you seek to do everything possible in order to make a good impression ?

Many thanks…

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If I am working I check regularly during the day. If I am just having a normal day I never do. I couldn’t give a hoot what I look like most the time. Which is great since I used to be somewhat fixated on my appearance.

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Once, as I get ready for work in the morning.

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Once as I am waking up. Otherwise, not for the rest of the day.

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There’s a mirror in the bathroom, so it’s hard to wash my hands without catching sight of myself. However, I wouldn’t say that’s the same as checking my appearance.

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Virtually never unless I happen to be in a public restroom.

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Mmmmm…..only if I am going somewhere where I want to look my personal best. Otherwise not much.
My vanity is fading fast at almost 53 now. I am still an attractive woman but I have always wanted to be valued more for my brain, sense of humor and forthright personality over my T&A.
Admittedly I did linger in front of a vending machine for a minute yesterday because it cast a very flattering reflection. Haha It made me look 6 inches taller and 20 lbs. lighter. The illusion was brief but remarkable. Maybe time to replace the mirrors with the fun house variety to squeeze out a little extra vanity. lol

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I do all the heavy lifting, such as it is, in the morning during ablutions. On my way out the door, I’ll check to see whether i have spinach in my teeth.

If I am going out for the evening, I do a quick lip-gloss or Burt’s bee balm, hair-brush and blusher pass, unless I forget.

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I would just like to add that I think good impressions comes more from the whole package. Ones body language, voice, attitude, the works, sorry I didn’t read your question properly.

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Whenever I am close to a mirror, I also check it out in window reflections when possible. Some say it’s narcissistic but as my job is very customer based I feel the need to always make sure I look presentable. I probably worry about what I look like to other people a bit too much in all honesty.

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For me, mirrors are kind of anti-wundayatta devices. You ever want to get rid of me, show up with a mirror. I avert my eyes. I make the sign of the cross. I would break every mirror in the world, if I could. Well, it would be cool if we could have a shaving mirror that would only show our necks. Mirrors do have their uses.

But seeing myself is not something I enjoy doing. It’s not even as if I’m that bad looking, at least, if you ask my wife. But I feel I look off-putting, to be kind. I don’t even like the idea of being attractive, even though I wish I was. Does that make any sense? Maybe I don’t like it because I don’t think I am and it’s a sour grapes kind of thing.

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I look in the mirror in the morning, when grooming and getting dressed. I wear mascara on days that I work and sometimes on days when I’m not working. At work, I brush my hair and apply my lip stain and gloss when I start my work day and again after my lunch break – and to check that there’s no food in my teeth. Outside of work, I rarely look in mirrors once I’ve done my morning routine. I am low-maintenance, but I try not to be a total slob… I check to make sure there’s no stains on my clothes and that they fit reasonably well. I worried about my appearance much more when I was younger and had very low self-esteem. Now that I am more confident in myself as a person, I don’t fret about my flaws as much.

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LOL @ anti @wundayatta devices. I used to feel that way about mirrors. When I was a teenager, I put up a big piece of cardboard in front of my bathroom mirror for more than a year. It used to be dispiriting to look at my face and my body and I just tried not to think about how I looked.

Now, I probably look in the mirror too much, but it is exciting to finally be growing a beard and muscles, and I am very grateful to be in a position to enjoy how I look now.

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I always check the mirror before I head out to see if I at least look half-way decent.
If I happen to use a public restroom while I’m out I’ll check again since I’ll be in front of the mirror while washing my hands anyway.

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As much as possible. I was told I was overweight as a kid and always felt like I was probably plain and dumpy and weird-looking to other people, and I never liked how I looked. So now that I can walk past the mirror and catch sight of myself and see how I grew into a put-together, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing critter, it’s a nice change.

I’m not sure how closely this behavior ought to be assumed to derive from concern with appearance. I don’t give a flying fuck about whether other people think I’m attractive, just that I think I’m attractive. I hardly ever bother with makeup or hairdos – prom is pretty much the only time I did that stuff, and then it was just for fun. One could argue that my concept of my own attractiveness is predicated on society’s concept of attractiveness – and I’d say you’re very probably correct – but I still think that in practice, I engage in mirror-gazing as an act of self-reassurance, rather than an act intended for other-impressioning. Maybe I am confusing the issue by using the word “attractiveness” – which is, after all, an other-oriented concept. Maybe I should instead say that my concern is with myself as beautiful.

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A couple, on reflection, make that 39 or so.

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When I am putting my make-up on and doing my hair and when I go to the loo. Otherwise, not at all.

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I look into mirrors a lot, maybe 10 times a day or so. It’s more of a lack of self-confidence instead of narcissism, but I can’t help but look.

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All the time. Many times throughout the day. First, when I put on my makeup in the morning. Then again before I walk out the door to check all my accessories, scarf, jewelry, etc. are in place. Then in the car while I’m at the traffic light or even while driving. Then before I get out of the car. Then mid morning, then lunch time, then mid-afternoon. So yeah all the time. My appearance is very important to me. I adore makeup and like my face and definitely love my silky hair. Narcissistic? Not really. Just like myself but not in a who-is-the- fairest-of-them-all kind of way.

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