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Where are our new members coming from now?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) December 6th, 2012

Just a week ago, we were talking about how quiet this place was, and how Fluther could get more members. We’ve had quite an influx the past few days all of a sudden! How are people finding this site now? I originally stumbled upon it through Google back in May.

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Been wondering that too. Could it be the sandwich board I’m parading around in?

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Frankly, my dear @bookish1 – you are a newbie for me, too. ~

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@zensky : Oh I know I’m still a young jelly. That’s why I mentioned how I found Fluther!

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@bookish1 But you are so adorably gelatinous in your youngness!

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Is this so important? Old, young new, I am not referring to your question @bookish1 but at how seemingly important it is to demarcate.

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Er, thanks @janbb. Wobble wobble… O_o

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I have noticed the same thing. It seems to ebb and flow, but I have noticed an abnormal amount of new users. I can’t seem to think of any reason, but whatever the reason, I’m glad to see so many new jellies!

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They’re from the other universe.

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Maybe they’re old Jerry Springer crowds taken out of storage.

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The more the merrier, new blood is always a good thing.

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Maybe Answerbag had another update.

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@Fly Me too! We could really use some fresh meat jellies.

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Spamalope anyone?

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@Shippy Is this so important?

If the activity gets low enough, I’m would expect whoever is paying the bills around here will lose interest.

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Don’t trust anyone over 30 thousand lurve.

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^^^^ Heh!

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I’ve been wondering, too. Love to see all the new jellies!

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@jaytkay : You misunderstood Shippy. She specifically said that her comment was directed to the question of “old” and “new” jellies, which was a mini-conversation going on earlier in the thread. She did not mean the OP.

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I guess I asked it of newbies because that’s mainly who I’m checking out at this point but it does apply to anyone. Not trying to set up “class warfare.”

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@janbb I thought it was a brilliant question, I also like to know a little bit more about the person answering, as so many people here are remarkable. I was talking to @zensky since he pointed out @bookish1 that he was a newbie too. To me bookish is an oldie. Too much of the new people, the old people thing going on here I feel. And could be why there are so few members. I don’t know just a thought. But having said that, I like it here, and I appreciated private messages from some of you. Some of you even saying things like “Just ignore that remark, that person is in fact a wonderful person” That kind of thing. Or some messaged me to ask how I was. All was so appreciated. And as mentioned before, most of my questions and answers are my therapy here.

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@Shippy : I think we both joined around the same time. I am so glad that you stuck around even though someone on here was a dick to you early on.

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Yep, the new little puppies have to learn to not let the bully dogs lift their legs on them at first and stand their ground. Move over Rover, your bark is not worse than my bite. lol

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@Coloma: You meant new little guppies, right? ;)

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@bookish1 Yes me too. I guess I can be a dick at times also.

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Everybody was new at one point and I know I have had personal experience on here of somebody trying to pull off the…I have 3 trillion points (this is just a rough estimate)..line and talking down to me and I can see why it can be intimidating for some newbies (even though in fluther time I am still in nappies)

It is good to see new people coming on as everybody will, at some point, have something to contribute to a question or comment.

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@bookish1 Hah! Very good! Touche! :-p

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I think I’m getting confused between this thread and mine about filling out profiles…..

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@janbb I am so with you there, so was I loll

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@TheProfoundPorcupine 3 Trillion wow! They sure had no social life , maybe I am headed there!!

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@Shippy I think you are safe and won’t end up at those heady heights of 3 trillion. I would guess you will not even reach 1 trillion.

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Heh…don’t delude yourselves, it takes very little to wrack up the lurve after a few years have gone by.
My jet lagged couch surfing 2.9 years ago now has led to this moment. Shameful amount of participation if you ask me. I think I will either have to leave or reincarnate at the 50k mark. haha
In my defense, I live rural, have a very flexible schedule and love to babble….the perfect recipe for shamefully ostentatious points. lol

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@TheProfoundPorcupine I sure hope so , I got better saucier things to do wink

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I think the influx is the nice people that Randy sent over here to get him what he wants. ;-)

Seriously though, I think the influx includes some great new jellies, including the OP.

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@Brian1946 Fer sure. it is great to have some new jelly around here. Now where’s my peanut butter?

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@Shippy that sounds more interesting than the quest to reach 1 trillion points

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I denno, but thanks to whoever’s responsible! :)

@jerv lmao

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Probably a holiday break increase from kids finishing up school.

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I’m a new jelly.. a bit of a wobbly one.. found ‘fluther’ by accident on google.. asked a strange question and here I am..!

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Well dang, I do declare this little town is just a bustin’ at the seems with new jelly folk.
I’m a thinkin’ a few new deputies might need to be sworn in to keep the law and order in this boomtown. lol

Welcome little greenhorns. :-D

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I’m not sure where they came from, but I’m soooo glad that some of these users have their views that differ from the mainstream userbase on here, even if I don’t agree with them. I hope that they don’t go away anytime soon. I don’t like riff raff, but I appreciate different viewpoints.

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@Paradox25 Haha love it..I use “riff raff” a lot too….damn riff raffy types! lol

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Riff raff-ity types :o) It’s so commonly used where I live. I never heard of little greenhorns though.

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