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What feels like home to you?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) December 6th, 2012


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My daughter says that home is wherever she is. In summer, home is camp. Or vacation. And the rest of the year it is home. She keeps on insisting this is the case no matter what I say to her. I’m not quite sure I believe her, but she is sticking to her story.

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Paris felt like home to me. I never got ‘homesick’ when I was there for 2 months, but it sure has been painful getting used to being back in the U.S. for a spell…I feel like I’m just passing through.

Cooking with friends feels like home to me.

Talking with my best friend on the planet feels like home. He knows me better than anyone else and I feel completely at ease with him.

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A quiet solitary walk in the woods in the early morning, just before winter, when the trees are losing their last leaves and the air is brisk enough to make your ears sting a little but not quite so cold that it’s uncomfortable to be out-of-doors.

This situation is quite literally the most comfortable I’ve ever been with myself and with the area around me.

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Wrapped in the arms of a warm well loved woman. Take that anyway you want to.

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I love this question, I wish I could give you 20 GQ’s. As I have been thinking about this myself. Since I am about to disolve my entire home, street, country. I think home is where you find love, where you find comfort and understanding.

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Being with my fiance. The plan is to walk down the aisle to this song.

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I’m not certain what feels like home right now. My house is sometimes a nest and sometimes so full of ghosts that it hurts.

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Home. :)

My husband feels like home. Just sitting with him on the couch watching Law and Order SVU on a night when most people our age are out partying – it’s perfect.

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Wherever my animals and mom are.

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After briefly dipping my toes into the waters of reason, I return once agian to frolic on insanity beach, home sweet home.

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A place where you can relax. A place where you don’t have to be a certain way or act a certain way and you’ll never be self-conscious in your home. A place where people know you and you know them. A place where it is warm in every way. The place where your bed is.

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@wundayatta – that’s wonderful! It took me 40+ years to feel at home wherever I am… prior to that, nowhere felt like home. Now, home is inside my own skin.

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My partner, my kids.

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My country feels like home and my desk which is strewn with familiar things.

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A place with a soft pillow and a blankie and a little corner all to myself.

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@Dutchess_III, Watch out lest Symbeline hear that you have a pillow!!!

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My own home is home. I have a big garden, a house my husband (and I but mostly him) has lovingly worked to make into our home, my dogs and cat are here, all the things I love are around me and I can be myself totally. I love being in my home.

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@bookish1… Thanks for the warning! I glued it to me. :)

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The house I live in now feels like home in a way no other ever has. More specifically, though, I get that “Ahhhh, home” feeling when I’m curled up on the couch resting my head on my husband’s leg, his arm draped around me, just watching TV.

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My bed. Being in my bed with a cup of tea, the computer and the TV on.

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Being with my family.

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NSFW answer:

Being inside a woman I’m in love with.

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