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Do you have someone in your life, that "Gets You"?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 6th, 2012

Someone that understands you fully, or just gets what you are saying. No matter how vague it may be. If you don’t how do you manage? Or is it something you really wish for?

I do, and it’s really a great experience.

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I am lucky enough to say that I also have somebody like that in my life and it is something that for years I thought just was not possible, but time together has meant that she gets me more than I get myself.

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@TheProfoundPorcupine eVEN wen she TPS like this?

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I have someone who’s inside my head with me. They can tell exactly what I’m thinking before I do.

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Yes – he is not my SO but a really close friend. He can finish my sentences for me and make the leaps that I leave out.

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Yep. My husband.

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My husband is this for me as well. We’re that annoying couple that finishes each other’s sentences. I can randomly (or so I think) say “guess what?” and he actually can guess what I’m going to say.

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My best friend whom I’ve known since first year of college. We have very similar personality types and perspectives, and I feel completely comfortable sharing anything with him.

I felt like the Frenchy who’s stolen my heart gets me. I felt completely at ease with him and like we were completely on the same wavelength about so many things.

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Nah probably not and I like it this way, hopefully it’s my secret ingredient of ‘mystery’ that keeps me so popular….lol

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I have been suffering a drought of stimulating and compatible pals the last few years. ( Enter Fluther )
My 25 yr. old daughter and her boyfriend are my best friends at this time. They are both knowledge hounds like myself, creatives, very bright, and we have the best time together.
My joke about “breeding your own” kind. lol

Being an extroverted NTP type I thrive on stimulating conversations involving new ideas, concepts, theory, and most of my other friends are SJ types, dependable, hardworking, devoted and loyal but not imaginative, curious or creative. They talk mostly about people and events where I most enjoy brainstorming ideas, and talking about a myriad of subjects above and beyond who did what and dull everyday routine.
I am always the one that has to adjust to their level, as they are just not capable of elevating themselves to mine. It’s rather dreary, but, I try to focus on their strengths and find my brain buddies elsewhere, they just don’t “feed” me on an intellectual level at all.

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Close but no cigar, it’s always nice to keep that secret little ingredient to yourself, it’s between me, myself & I.

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@Coloma I live in my head a lot too. Do you realize that I have only 2 friends who bothered to read the unedited Mark Twain?

One was the first person to check it out of his college library at that. I realized then I needed some new friends…lol

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There are people who could potentially get me, but at the moment, no one. It will happen when it is time. Hopefully sooner rather than later and later rather than never.

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Thank ‘God’, I do.

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I have different people who get different sides of me. I don’t think I have one person who gets it all and I don’t believe it really exists, sorry. It’s just the way it is. No one can be inside your head but yourself. No one will ever fully understand each other. They might really feel like they do and that is great!

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My fiancĂ©. Although sometimes I’m the only one that gets my humor and boy, do I crack myself up!

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Yes, more than one in fact.

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@Coloma you said it for me. I have had it in the past but am at the moment bereft. I have SJ friends. And they are great. They knock me down when I am floating away. Think Mary Poppins laughter tea. Sometimes I would just love it if someone joined me. However that being said being grounded is a much more effective life strategy.

So glad to outlet on Fluther.

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I do. My husband. I can get philosophical and serious and he understands (or pretends to with great success). I can be a complete ditz and that’s fine too. I can say the most ridiculous things and he loves it. He is a joy to be around.

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@rosehips I hear ya. I am always trying to elevate the conversations with certain people, being an enthusiastic cerebral type. I will say to one friend ” Oh wow, I watched the coolest documentary last night about….XYZ, it was SO fascinating…” then I will ramble on a bit feeding my own momentum, think I will surely get some interest, no matter how feeble, then…it’s just dead silence, maybe a ” Oh”, and then right back to ” I think I’ll make pork chops tonight!” Ooookay….well….. puts gun in left nostril and pulls trigger lol

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I keep running into people who could get me. Just like me. Crazy like me. But maybe that’s not what is called for? Perhaps we feed exactly the wrong things in each other and there is no balance. Maybe being gotten is not all it’s cracked up to be.

But if I ever did meet someone who really got me and who wanted to be crazy with me, I don’t know what would happen. It would be a wild ride, I guess, and either we’d end up being stable friends, or we’d end up falling off the edge of the world. That’s probably a very romantic notion, though, and the world doesn’t seem to end up where your fantasy thinks it should. Never.

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@Coloma well at least its the left nostril and not the right. lol. @wundayatta I had a friend who ended up being my roommate. We were perfect for each other. We got each other we could spend unlimited amount of time together. We ended up feeding our destructive habits and tearing us and our friendship apart.
I had a boyfriend we got each other, we got each other so well we nested and didn’t stop nesting for years. The only friends we had were our mutual friends, we helped each other break up. It was very sad I think and unhealthy. Seems like someone who gets you completely can be a dangerous thing.

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@wundayatta Oh I KNOW we would have a scrappy, happy, good time but…. I am pretty sure it would end with baseball bats and teeth rolling under the furniture. I’d paint yer wagon colors you’ve never seen before. lololol

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If I’m understanding you properly, you’re saying we’d fuck each other’s brains out and then bash each other’s brains out?

I could do without the brain bashing part. ;-)

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Sure, my wife. After twenty-five years, I’d be disappointed if she didn’t.

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@Coloma Oh dear God, the visual image… what has been seen can not be unseen. Bleach! I need bleach for my brain!

My small circle of close girlfriends really get me. Which is why I love them so friggin’ much!

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@wundayatta Not quite, no fucking, just lots of arousing head banging. haha

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@WillWorkForChocolate Now, now….let me help you, here, lie down and have a cold compress and a happy brownie, poor dear. ;-p

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Can I stop scrubbing my eyes now – I am with @WillWorkForChocolate, what is seen cannot be unseen!

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Oh lord, my humor had tragic results, I’m so sorry. haha

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No worries. I’ll only need therapy for a few years… I’ll send you the bill. :D

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@Coloma Ok. I can’t resist. If you let me bang on @WillWorkForChocolate‘s head, you’ve got a deal! No wait. I take it back. I see I have already accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible. Now, if only I can round up the bleach supply. ;-)

My work here is done.

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You’ve been drinking the douche again, haven’t you? <facepalm>

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Thankfully I do. I think it’s important and I quite enjoy it.

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hee hee! think of the double-backed beast, my dear.

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My boyfriend—he even understands what I mean to say when I’m at loss for words and wave my hands around erratically trying to think of the words to use. He even can figure out what I’m thinking when I’m standing there, withdrawn, quiet and not ready to talk. He accepts me, quirks and all.

He’s definitely become my best friend and I’m immensely glad to have found him.

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My best friend ‘gets’ most of me…she gets my humor, understands how things make me feel, and we share a kind of shorthand, which is great. My husband and a few other people get the deeper, more cerebral side of me…they better understand how I think, which is also great. There is some overlap, of course, but I don’t think anyone really ‘gets’ all of me.

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