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Do you enjoy Herbal Teas and do they work?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) December 6th, 2012

I use Ginger tea a lot for nausea, which I believe also has warming properties in cold weather. I am recently using Green Tea since this is said to assist in reducing blood pressure.

Do you use Herb Teas? and have you found them to do what they say they do. Or do you just enjoy the taste?

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I love herbal teas. I picked up some nice ones in China after we attended a tea ceremony. I’m not sure they do anything but warm me up and calm me down, but I like the much better than standard tea.

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I am an herbal tea maven. I drink:

-black and green tea, ginseng and yerba mate for mental stimulation
-mint and ginger for nausea or sore throats
-echinacea for colds
-hibiscus (also called jamaica) for hydration
-chamomile, valerian for anxiety and to get to sleep
-red chili powder tea for sinus congestion!

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My mom taught me to love tea, and all kinds. I’ll pretty much drink anything, and when I’m sick, I strictly drink HOT tea all day long. My faves are chamomile, black, green, Earl Grey, some really peppy pom tea, too.

I wish I could remember them and their functions like bookish1 does.

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@KNOWITALL I read that as porn tea loll

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Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals is awesome. Simply nothing better for a sore throat. Here’s a review:

Traditional Medicinals with links to where you can buy it locally:

Ginger tea by the same brand is a good one for warming you up, or for an upset stomach.

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I love them.

Peppermint Tea for upset tummies is very helpful.

Chamomile for anxiety.

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@Shippy LMAO…..pomegranate!!

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@Shippy: I did too. @KNOWITALL: Porn grenade?

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“I’d catch a porn grenade for you”

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Question 1 yes
Question 2 no

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I like mint, chamomile, and various zingers. I do not drink to make them work. I like the taste.

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oOh. I love teas.

Licorice i gave to a friend for cankersores. But I use it as digestive.

Ginger is great for a cold.

Chamomile for sleep.

Dandelion for liver function

I also use throat coat but I think I prefer lemon ginger honey or apple cider vinegar for my throat.

Lavender calming or soothing

Blueberry appetite suppressent

Mint for taste probably digestion too

I like raspberry as well and chai and rooibus as well as yerba mattes and green and black. Every now and again a white, but the taste is really delicate and I prefer something fuller bodied.

I want to try matcha but I not as of yet. Oh and those tapoica teas are a yummy treat.

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@KNOWITALL wonders what the porn tea is good for

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@Shippy After you drink it the tea leaves form a nice nude in the bottom of your tea cup?

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@KNOWITALL yes like a fortune thingy.

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They seem to have a lot of benefits. I myself do not enjoy hot tea though.

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I love them but I drink them mostly just for the taste, mainly because I love fruit flavours but find fruit juice to be too sweet. Fruity teas give me the flavour without a ton of sugar. I do find that anything containing ginger or mint helps with nausea or digestive problems. Ginger and lemon is good for a cold too. Cranberry for protection against UTIs.

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I drink yerba mate (in the traditional way), mint tea, chamomile, blackcurrant, peach… I drink them all for their flavour, but yerba mate is a great alternative for coffee and it gives you an energy boost

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