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When recieving emails via a smart phone, are those emails sent by the same system that sends computer/lap top information?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36041points) December 6th, 2012

In other words is it possible to get emails via the cell phone when your lap top isn’t receiving those same messages?

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The emails will go to all devices that you have set up to receive mail from that address. If you want mails that go only to your mobile device, have an email account designated for that purpose.

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Assume the emails are set up to go to both the phone and the laptop. Is it possible that a phone will receive an email when the laptop won’t?

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Not likely. If there is a connection issue with one, it won’t receive the email message until the issue is resolved. If, in the interim, the email is from a service with IMAP was read and deleted from another device, it may not ever go to the other. POP systems typically send all mails to all devices, and you have to log into the email service directly to delete it from the server.

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Uh…I knew there was someone like you out there! Thanks @hearkat!

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I’m not an ├╝ber-techie, so that’s as well as I can explain it. I’m glad you found it helpful!!

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I before E except after C.

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