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I've been in Asia and away from the States for almost 2 years. What sort of picture can you paint for me about how life is/has changed?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) June 7th, 2008

I know the politics, the prices, the economical situation. But I want to know what it REALLY is like from people and not the media. Talk away! :)

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fluther and the housing market. That about covers it.

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how much is gas over there…...times that by 3495.

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if you live in the suburbs everyone has an iphone….everyone is awaiting summer….i dont know where to go from this haha

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Speaking of iPhones, I can’t even fathom having one, or even needing one really. People over here are poor enough that they can only afford to text. So I’ve been texting and sometimes calling for a long time. Having/needing all of those excessories (get it?) seems like a little much? Simplify America, simplify!

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2 years? Let’s see…The economy is in the toilet. The end.

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I cant really see any noticeable changes, besides the obvious already stated. But, all the laws have been put in place for some hugggggge change. Negative change that is. Ask again after the next “terror attack,” most likely before Bush leaves office.

They have been spying on us, so they probably know who sees whats going on politically, and will be able to stop any dissent, once the Violent Radicalization and Home-Grown Terrorism Prevention Act gets signed by the Senate and the Dictator.

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The Celtics don’t suck anymore. You knew that though. Obamarama is runnin’ wild and it’s anyones guess whether he or McCain is going to win…

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LOL obamarama… I had not heard that before.

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It’s gone entirely downhill.

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Almost everyone owns a cell phone, many talk on it while driving, in restaurants, movies and many of them have accidents. My real estate taxes are 1/6 of my yearly expenses. Medical insurance, medical treatment, medical everything is much more complicated, compartmentalized and mediocre, unless you-the patient- learn how to be 50% of solution, challenge the doctor or staff, and stay alert (even when you are unconscious.)

Every single act takes a lb of paper to keep track of. Breathing the air, drinking the water and eating the food are much more risky.

But, still, I can’t think of another country that I would want to live in.

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Bush still sucks.

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This is a great question – encourages me/us to think in a different way.

An aside: I remember watching the movie about the Dixie Chicks, “Shut Up and Sing,” and being shocked at the mood of the country right around the time when we invaded Iraq in 2003. So many people were pro-Bush and pro-war! I watched the movie a few years after 2003, and was amazed at how much had changed in the mood of the country.

So Jonny, I’ll be very curious to hear what YOU notice when you get back. You will have a unique perspective to offer us. Please post on this question when you return.

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In july a law is going to pass that you can’t talk on your phone in the car anymore you would have to use bluetooth or an ear peace but who doesn’t own a bluetooth these day now.

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Well, I don’t, for one. It is dangerous to make assumptions about others, such as them knowing the difference between piece and peace, or what a run-on sentence is.

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Monsanto Corporation is trying to control the entire food supply. They actually patent certain genetically modified plants and sue farmers whose plants get cross pollinated with the patented plants. It really is scary stuff. Watch The Future of Food.

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Anything positive to say? @gailcalled had a nice end to her answer.

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The iPhone is really cool.
And more seriously, I feel like we as a country are really ready for new leadership, and to move on from the weariness of having Bush “lead” us. That’s my sense anyway, and I live in Cali, so I’m sure that influences my answer.

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1) texting mania and worse: texting thumb, now afflicting teenagers
2) sheer # of people driving while on the phone
3) access to high speed internet is more common
4) my local library now has more new release DVDs than new books
5) resurgence of the station wagon: now called a crossover
6) the energy drink and flavored water boom
7) # of kids under 10 who have their own cell phone
8) # of small children at the playground/other public places whose parents are not really paying attention because they’re on their cell phones
9) rise in juvenile diabetes
10) rise in juvenile asthma

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Increase in toddlers diagnosed with autism or autism-related problems,
Huge increase in liver, brain, lung cancers (even for non-smokers),
People with better educations living longer -
More youngsters who are completely or partly illiterate, have ADD, OCD, and the fidgets.
the emergence of “suck,” “cool” and “amazing” as umbrella words that cover all contingencies,
Shorter attention spans
Sheer # of people driving, period. The highways are bumper-to-bumper most of the time.
Flying is an endurance test – not for the faint of heart.
Road rage.

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11) the portability of music thanks to iPods and other mp3 players is huge. I still can’t believe how much music is in my iPod shuffle. I mean, it’s smaller than an old box of matches!

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