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Which book series do you remember reading while growing up?

Asked by AshlynM (9903points) December 6th, 2012

My list:

Sweet Valley Twins and High
The BabySitters Club
Phantom Valley series
Nancy Drew
The Kids Of The Polk Street School

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Little House
Trixie Beldon
Nancy Drew
Ramona Quimby

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Hardy Boys
Tom Swift

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Little House on the Prairie

Anne of Green Gables


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Starting from about age five:
Curious George
I vaguely remember a series of Daniel Boone adventure books
Little House on the Prairie
The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (is two books a series?)
Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy

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The Dark is Rising

Nancy Drew

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The Time Quintet (A Wrinkle in Time, Swiftly Tilting Planet, etc.)

Earth’s Children

Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators

Huh. I guess most of the books I read were not part of series.

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• Nancy Drew
• Anne of Green Gables
• the “colored” Fairy Books of Andrew Lang (Red Fairy Book, Blue Fairy Book, Yellow Fairy Book, Lilac, Green, etc.)—collected fairy tales and folktales from many cultures; I read them over and over and still think they’re wonderful, language and engravings and all
• Sherlock Holmes

I didn’t read beyond the first Narnia book until I was an adult.

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Little House on the Prairie
The Elizabeth Gail series
Another series that I only remember as “The Mandy books”

Not really a series, but everything by Christopher Pike, then I moved on to Dean Koontz when I got bored with “age appropriate” books.

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I also remember Sleepover Friends and Goosebumps.

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Oh, I forgot R.L. Stine!

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Harold and His Purple Crayon
Curious George

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@Jeruba I loved the colored fairy books!
I still have the Lilac Fairy edition.

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I loved Jean Plaidy’s historical novels. I read all of them.

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I read every Dr. Dolittle book (by Hugh Lofting, and also the whole Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome.

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Judy Blume’s Fudge. or anything else Blume

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Encyclopedia Brown
Nancy Drew
the Hardy Boys
The Mouse and the Motorcycle series

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The Black Stallion
Nancy Drew

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Oh yes, the Black Stallion books!
Damn, serious trip down memory lane. I’m gettin’ old! haha

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Mark Twain’s books. Don’t know if that counts as a series or not.
Little House
Hardy Boys
Andy Capp
Back to BC
Conan The Barbarian.

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Foundation Trilogy
Hardy Boys
Tom Swift Jr.
Nancy Drew
Black Stallion
A bunch of other horse books
Wizard of Oz series (there seemed to be about twenty of them)
Doc Savage
The Shadow
The Power Boys (kind of a combination of Tom Swift and Hardy Boys)

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This is a great question!

My list
Hardy boys
Trixie Beldon
Little House books
Xanth books
Nancy Drew- Not as great as Hardy Boys!
The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
Basically almost anything!

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Hardy Boys
Nancy Drew
Encyclopedia Brown
The Happy Hollisters
The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings
Mission: Earth
The Dark Tower (the first three at least)
Terry Brooks’ Shannara Series
Conan The Barbarian

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A Series of Unfortunate Events, I loved those. Boxcar Children, was that the name of it? Berenstein Bears when I was younger, OBVIOUSLY, classic. Clifford….

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Hardy Boys
Tom Swift
Henry Huggins
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (I’m not making this up…)

How and Why Wonder Books
Landmark biographies

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The Three Investigators.
The Foundation series.
The Xanth series.

Those come to mind the most.

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Narnia, Goosebumps, The Saddle Club, and The Animorphs all come to mind.

Did nobody else here read Animorphs??? I was practically addicted to those books!

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White Fang, Call of the Wild
Bobbsey Twins
Five Little Peppers
Pippi Longstocking
Tom Swift

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Something about these desert people… took place in the future.. hmm.. what was it called…?

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I know what you mean, dude. Frank Herbert was the auther. There were these giant sand worms that the Fremen would ride.

Whoa! Dude! Did you ever notice that Fremen is a part of your name?

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I read many books—about 15 novels a week from 5th grade through 9th grade. Books were my social life.
The ones that come to mind quickly as favorites are-
Little House
Anne of Green Gables
Emily of New Moon (another by L.M Montgomery, read almost all of Montgomery’s books)
Wrinkle in Time series
Nancy Drew
Encyclopedia Brown
Noel Streatfield’s Shoes series (Ballet Shoes, Dancing Shoes, etc)
All of Blume and Cleary’s books
Over 4/5 of Agatha Christie’s books. Didn’t read the last 1/5 because Amazon didn’t exist then and I couldn’t find them.
Sherlock Holmes

I think I’ll go and re-read some of them them this holiday break!

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@linguaphile Sounds like a good idea. I think I will too.

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@wundayatta duuude! that just like totally blew my mind man… raadical..

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Hugh Lofting – - Dr Dolittle must have read 12 or so stories by him.

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@fremen_warrior Dune?
For me
Nancy Drew
The Bobbsey Twins
The Oz books
Little Women and Little Men

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@Sunny2 correct and therefore not even close. @wundayatta got it and you didn’t, lol

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I loved Nancy Drew, the bobbsey Twins, Hardy Boys, Black Stallion, and there was a scifi series but I can’t remember the name.

@Sunny2 – I didn’t realize we were of a similar age!

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I have read pretty much all of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books.

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@linguaphile, great idea- I was at an antique store recently where they had Trixie Belden and Hardy Boys on sale. I bought several of each and have been reading and enjoying them ever since. I lived in the country and remember being thrilled when my parents let me ride my bike to the bookmobile and later to the small libraries near us. My best friends and I took books with us out to recess and avoided being ignored by the rest of the kids that way.

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Judy Blume.

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I loved Little House on the Prairie. Black Stallion, Elsa (the Lion book), White Fang, The Gunslinger series, what is the space kid book, where they went to fake war that ended up being real, Ender’s Game?! Crap, I read everything I could get my hands on tbh.

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The Boxcar Children
Frog and Toad
The Wind in the Willows
Any book by James Harriot
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Sherlock Holmes
Doctor Doolittle
Pippi Longstockings

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@WestRiverrat Dude, you read Conan as a kid? That’s freakin’ badass.

I always read every horror book I could, which mostly included a lot of short horror collections for kids. I wanted to read IT by Stephen King but my mom wouldn’t let me, and she doubted that I would even be able to read such a big book anyway. The first real series I read was the Belgariad by David Eddings, but that was a later as a teen. Lord of the Rings is another, plus about 678975420789320 Stephen King books. (still read em today, of course)

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@Symbeline my first book report was on Tom Sawyer in first grade. My parents had to go in to meet the principal and the teacher because they thought one of them wrote it for me.

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Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
Narnia. Gag.
Babysitter’s Club
Fear Street
Nancy Drew
The Tillerman Series by Cynthia Voight.
One Last Wish series by Lurlene McDaniel
Choose Your Own Adventure

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Oh no… This is embarrassing, but I just re-read the details from the OP and remembered the Sweet Valley High series. I read every single one of them. If you ask me right now what happened in any of those 80 something books, I can only give you one plot line that was repeated in every single one of those books. I read one chapter of a SVH book a few years ago and… wha…??? I read that?!?

Have you gone back and read any of these favorite books and realized they were really not that good?

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Wait I amend my answer. @bkcunningham reminded me of Doctor Dolittle.

Please add Doctor Dolittle to my list!

Thanks, BK!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Ha I remember those Babysitter Club books. The first one I ever read was about how these girls thought their house was haunted, but it turned out to be one of the girls’ little brother who read some book in private. (Big Dogs it was called, although mine was in French) He read it in private because he was afraid people would laugh at him if they knew he was reading it. But the whole book had a pretty cool ghost/mystery thing going on until the end, I thought it was awesome. Then I tried reading more but they had nothing to do with ghosts so I was all, eh.

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@Symbeline I remember that one!

I lived with my grandparents for a summer after my parents split up, and the only books in the house were my aunt’s. She’s only 5 years older than I. She had a bookshelf full of Babysitter’s Club and those disgustingly sappy Lurlene McDaniel novels. Nerdy little girl in a new state with no friends, I read every book on that shelf. Something like 50 or 60 of the Babysitter’s Club. And yeah, they were lame on ice.

Oh! Awesome series I can’t believe I forgot! Everworld! @Symbeline That series was right up your 12 year old alley. Did you read it?

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I loved The Babysitters Club and The Worst Witch in particular. I also ready a series of animal story books but I can’t remember what they were called.

I read lots of Enid Blyton too and The Secret Seven and Famous Five were great!

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I didn’t read them as a child but I read them to my children. All the Roald Dahl books. My children loved all the ‘Goosebumps’ books, all of Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman’s books.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Hahaha the library at school had all the Babysitters Club books. All the popular girls read them, so I figured, why not me? I’m just glad I got the ghost story first, so I could get some good out of it. XD But Christ, 50 of these? Our school did have a lot, although I’m not sure now if they had the whole collection.

And nope, never read Everworld, but I looked them up and it seems pretty cool. Not only does it have Vikings, but Etain is in there, and we all know that demolishes some serious ass. Hell I’m not 12 anymore, but I’ll still read them if I ever get the chance.

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There were over a hundred of them published that I know of, not counting the Baby Sitters’ Little Sisters series. It was insane.

I’m on the lookout for Everworld novels for my son’s collection. Won’t be long before he’s old enough to do battle with Loki.

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Wait what, BSC had like, a sub series? O_o

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Yep. All about the younger sisters of the regular BSC members. It was directed at the 2nd – 4th grade crowd.

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