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Care to share a scary story?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) December 6th, 2012

Scary as in frightening and horrifying. A story that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and sends chills up and down your spine. A story you should read with the lights on. That kind of scary.
It can be real or made up.
So what have you got?

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When I went to the dentist today, they said the tooth that was causing me serious pain needed a root canal, which would cost me $800 + 200 for a steel crown (luckily it’s a molar). A thousand bucks I don’t have. Either that, or pull it for $125.

I’m still shaken from the experience. Someone hold me.

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Penpal, part 1. The series goes up to Friends. (The series goes from the bottom of the page, up). I think they’re creepy.

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January in the Sierra mountains. Me and 3 guys in a car. It was cold and windy. The 2 guys in the front decided it was fun to spin the car on the icy road with only a guardrail between us and the edge of the mountain. So they did. I couldn’t say a word. They laughed and cheered and spun about 3 times.

Then they looked at my terrified face and stopped. True story

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Jan. 1978 I was 19 and lived alone in my mothers house after she relocated out of state.
A family was butchered 10 doors down from me, 2 adults and a 2 and 6 yr. old child. The babies mutilated remains were found several days later behind a church. The week before a young pregnant wife was mutilated in her home in the same area along with a man that was randomly shot and killed while unloading groceries in his garage.

An all out manhunt was underway that led to the arrest of Richard Trenton Chase the infamous ” Vampire killer” of Sacramento. In his apartment they found the remains of dogs and cats he had killed and drank their blood. He was a schizophrenic that believed he was being poisoned and needed fresh blood to survive. 0-o

It was the most terrifying 10 days of my life living in the target zone of this serial killer freak!

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Tales of creature that eats children that are not loyal to motherland are told to young comrades at bed time. As child I seek out this creature and find it in local cave outside village. I scold creature for wasting labor as KGB does more then efficient job. Creature deported to munitions factory.
Such is life in Mother Russia.

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In rural Soviet town, small company tries to sell baby dolls. Woman who is pregnant buys doll, but when child is born, doll cries like ignorant American. Box says to ‘rock’ child to sleep. Stupid woman is too soft. Doll will not stop crying. Woman decides to smash doll. KGB begins find dead infants, and mothers holding doll. Mothers understand, if infant is not strong enough to outlast doll, infant is not true Soviet!

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A 15 year old comrade gets on computer after school and turns on AIM. He receives message from comrade who had been absent from school. Message reads ‘please come’. Confused, boy sends message back but no reply comes. Boy rides his bike over to his comrade’s house.
He is then killed by KGB for having computer, the capitalist pig-dog.

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You are home to watch Pravda on televisir about degenerate murderer who is on the loose. You look out the window door to beet field, and you notice Man standing in the snow. He look like foto on televisir and he smile at you. You gulp vodka, picking up fone to your right and dialing Local Militia Precinct Commissar. Back out the glass you look, pressing fone to ear. Notice he now closer to you. You drop vodka in shock.No footprints in snow. It was reflection. You dullard!

Your apartment is bulldozed down to make way for glorious tractor factory.

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Is said in Stalingrad, in poor sector where prole lives, there is house. If comrade will knock on door, it will open. Beautiful girl lead comrade inside by hand. She have sexy bottom if comrade thinks like American pig.She lead comrade deep in to the house, past door with secret sign for getting in, make promise of lustful treachery in exchange for ruble, surpassing comrade’s love for motherland! Comrade rejoices.She-bitch kills comrade. She is vile serpent from the dark places and feasts on steaming entrails.
This is proper punishment for one who would compete with glorious government rape camps.

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Russian man is at work alone. Copy machine begins making copies. Man did not make copies. He goes to look. Copies show him dead at desk.He curses bad Swedish machines. Shoots copier, and begins making all copies by hand.

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@Coloma wow that is terrifying.

Well this is sort of terrifying or was for me at the time. But thankfully it was over fairly quickly.

It was Friday before Christmas I had to do lists running through my head. I was heading home and I lived out in the sticks at the time.
I had turned off the main road but had a couple streets to go. There was this vehicle tailgating me and it was dark I hit my brakes a coupla times, I sped up, I finally slowed and pulled as close to the edge so it could pass. It almost sideswiped me. Then it pulled in front slammed on the brakes I honked my horn and tried backing up to go around. It started reversing. I honked my horn. It kept on coming I hit reverse and backed up but the faster I backed up it backed up faster it was dark and the embankments were high. So I stopped. So did I, I tried reversing again. It again came at me. I stopped fumbled for my phone.
I looked up and my ex was outside my window enraged. He was yelling at me. My door was locked. I told him to stop I was calling the cops. I had the phone in my hand he stepped away and a hammer came swinging at my window. I tried to shield myself and said stop as I opened my mouth three chunks of safety glass landed in my mouth he quickly pushed the glass inward and came in through the hole. I held the phone in the passenger seat as far away as I could get it. He pinned me to the seat with his body elbow and tried to reach it. Give me f… phone I tried to reach past his rage talking to him I felt like baggage that was in his way on a bad day. I tried screaming but I don’t scream and the sound that came out was pitiful. I tried again. I tried really hard one more time and I thought who is making that godawful noise it sounded eerie.Then I remembered it was me but it didn’t make sense, I had already honked my horn and no one came. He was alternately punching my face and torso then jumping further in the car. I spit the pieces of glass in his face in between punches. He didn’t notice. He was escalating and started to hit me with handle of the hammer luckily he didn’t have much space to get power behind it. I realized he was focused solely on the phone and just as he was turning the hammer I managed to make my hands move and hand him the phone. He grabbed it hit me one more time as he wiggled out. I was so relieved. But as he was leaving he stopped at the front of the car and pulled a knife and knifed my tire. I sank and then he turned to leave but whirled again in front of my car and lifted the hammer I thought he was going throw it at through the windshield, I ducked. But instead he just tore out my head light. I gathered my hat and gloves and purse trying to figure out whether I wanted to walk the two miles to my house or bury my pride and stop at a house.
I decided to stop at the house I was almost to a drive way when I turned back around to put my flashers on and turn off my car get my keys. He came back and stopped beside my car he was out in a flash started yelling at me and started to pursue me I turned tail and ran. He got in the truck and roared off again. I was so worried they wouldn’t answer the door to wild woman with blood running down her face. I had just moved and I was so ashamed at having been in that situation and that was the longest 50 minutes. I met some really kind people though.

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@rosehips Whoa! I hope you had him arrested, how awful, you poor thing!

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Oh yeah. You bet I did. I also was finally able to get a restraining order.
So what happened with yours. Did they catch the guy or did he just find new territory?

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I think I may have been the cause of a scary story once…

When I was living in a different city and still learning my way around a bit, I got turned around going home. I knew what area I was in but I was a little bit lost and when I saw someone walking I decided to follow her. This was a small city and she was the only person around, other than me.
Back then I used to wear ripped blue jeans, a gray hoodie, a hat, and fingerless black leather gloves. Because my hair was very short back then, a lot of people would mistake me for a guy.
So I keep following this lady at a distance, and even when I realize I’m behind the hospital and I know where I am now, I’m curious as to where the heck she’s going and decide to just keep walking. I had nowhere to be, and I was really just curious.
She started to cut through the hospital’s parking lot, and I followed at the same casual pace. I lost sight of her through the parked cars for a minute, and when I saw her again she was already on the other side, running away from me like her life depended on it.
Oops. Guess she saw me.

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Once, in an unfamiliar city late at night in the cold and the rain I was lost and asked an elderly man who gave me directions. I headed off briskly the way he indicated turning right as he had said and travelling rapidly to get out of the wet and the cold as quickly as possible. The streets all looked the same and all were lined with featureless sodium lights. I walked on briskly thinking I must be getting closer to my destination until I realised that once again I was hopelessly lost. There was an elderly man at the end of the empty street so I went up to him to ask directions. It was the same man!

Not really scary at all. Perhaps I should add that when I got closer I saw that there was now an ugly gash across his face where the blood mixed with the rain. Or, that he was unhurt but panicked at my approach and ran headlong into the street where he disappeared under a passing bus. Or, maybe he would just smile to reveal his vampire teeth.

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@rosehips Tips led the police to an apartment complex about 2 miles from my neighborhood where someone reported seeing this guy always taking animals into his apartment but they never came out again!
His M.O. being a complete psychotic was to just randomly walk up to houses and try the doors. If they were unlocked he believed it was a “sign” that he should kill them and eviscerate them and drink their blood. He later committed suicide in jail by saving up his psych meds.

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My parents moved to a town I had never heard of. It is so far away from here, and so vague I was wondering what to expect. After the 12 hour journey, my son and then girlfriend sat down for dinner with my parents and we had a great chat amongst us.

I began to become aware of an ominous presence, a horrible oppression in the house. I told my mother that I felt it was haunted. She then said, she had felt the same way, but had not told me, to see if I too, had felt it.

We have many stories of that house. Including kitchen chairs flung around the kitchen at night. None of us would ever sleep there alone.

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@Coloma that is so stereotypical, but I am happy they apprehended him.
As to the suicide, well one less crazy out there, and we aren’t paying for him. What is justice anyway but an unachievable concept?
@flutherother that would be creepy and nothing need happen for terror to be induced.
@Shippy this is going to sound odd but I think that is great. At least in theory. I sorta half want to have an experience like that. I say that now

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