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What causes shivers/ good feeling buzzes?

Asked by cage (3114points) June 7th, 2008

Like when someone says “someone just walked on your grave” or “I just felt a ghost”
And the feeling good buzzes are something I get when say I listen to some music I love, I et a massive random split second rush thorugh my head and possibly my body going upwards. WTF is that about?
anyone know what causes it?

I’ve been told I’m being vague. It’s really hard to explain though. I guess it’s like, jumping in a cold bath or something, and getting that freezing feeling all over your body. Except, it sometimes feels nice. Hard to explain!

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What? I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

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Surely people have experienced this? The weird/bad one is when your body physically shivers.
“the hairs stood on the back of my neck”
“I felt a chill pass through my body”
“I felt a shiver down my spine”
come on people!

I can’t describe the good one. It’s like. Picture your blood loaded with warmth, and then shoot it right up from your body into your brain. It’s so hard to explain.
It’s like trying to describe a colour like black without using the words light or dark.

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I’ve felt both the shivers/chills you mention, and I think you describe it as well as you possibly can. The good one happens when listening to a beautiful piece of music, for example – you’ll say “that was so incredible, it gave me goosebumps!”

However, I don’t know the physical cause for those phenomena… sorry.

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They are both caused by the action of hormones and nerves. Good feeling “buzzes” is when the nerves activate the pleasure centers of your brain. Reason for hairs standing or feeling a shiver through the spine are primarily the result of sympathetic hormones such as epinephrine that cause the “fight or flight” effect in your body. this article will expand a bit on my answer.

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I get those as well. It happens a lot when I’m watching something extraordinary because I’m such a visual person.

Some examples: watching an athlete compete and win, hearing someone give a moving speech (Obama, most recently), or watching something horrific nearly happen and the person/people survive (in a movie, a road rage incident, a near-car accident).

I don’t get them so much when I listen to music at home, but I have gotten them when I watch musicians perform, whether live or on TV. One musician that comes to mind is Yo-Yo Ma.

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what about if a person is able to control them. meaning if the person can induce them. I do this so much during the day. i can just breath a certain way or just sit and focus on it and make it happen either on a large or small scale. sometimes i cant get it out right away and its like the sensation of when you cant get out a sneez but then i finally get it its great. its neither the good or bad ones but i do feel those as well. the simple fact that i can control them however i want makes it complicated to figure out what exactly it is within the body that causes it.

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I completely understand this… This is probably the best way to describe it… It’s a very good feeling… something euphoric and enjoyable although similar to shivers however you just KNOW that it is positive energy… Some say it is anxiety, stress etc… but this is untrue as i am the most lax, chilled and happy and energetic person you could meet… Over time I have become able to control mine more and as i am a spiritualist i have enhaced my own skills to see whether it is related to spirit… I can say for my own that it has got something to do with spirit… I have been to a very haunted location to test and it amplifies this… I’ve researched this and it would seem that it is psychic abilities maturing and developing however the final stages you mst do yourself… It’s very interesting and a great feeling but I am ecoming much more spiritually aware… To test it you should try dowsing… it’s a good way to see if you are getting strong spiritual skills… Get a chain or rope with a crystal or lead weight on the end… Find someone to ask yes/no questions that you don’t know the answer- say the lords prayer e.g. our father who art… etc” for protection. Hold it between your thumb and index finger and let it dangle freely… ask “which way yes please” and it will respond, ask “which way no pleaseĀ£ and it will responf- swinging in an alternate way… ask this friend questions you don’t honestly know the answer to so that you can’t manipulate it… if you have strong psychic/spiritual awareness you will get it right every time! (Odds and chance would see to it otherwise to prove you wrong if you don’t have the gift quite yet!) hope this helps!

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I’ve been doing research on our collective ability and most people have come to call it VIG (voluntary induce goosebumps) or say that it’s similar to the type of meditation done by buddhist monks called kundalini….I was wondering if there was some kind of forum that we could go to to better discuss this.

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I get those feelings when I see this one specific girl, it feels weird but great at the same time.

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It is called SAME. Google it :) I get it when I watch people draw or concentrate on something that they’re making. It’s weird but it’s real!!

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It is called ASMR. Google it :) I get it when I watch people draw or concentrate on something that they’re making. It’s weird but it’s real!!

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