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Public phone personality swap?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5487points) December 7th, 2012

Jellies, do you talk differently on your/the phone when you are in public? I do not mean merely trying to avoid details so that people around you cannot eavesdrop, but does your phone personality seem to change as well? For instance I noticed I tend to be more judgemental, self-confident, and pig-headed when talking on the phone in a public place. I keep my voice at a normal level, but still I tend to use swifter judgement, use somewhat more ‘powerful’ vocab and go into self-righteous mode, sticking to my guns longer and harder then I would have otherwise. Is it normal? Narcissistic? Do you know what I am talking about, or does this sound totally alien to you?

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You must feel the environment you are standing in at that time requires that? I possibly do modify my responses to suite where I am.

Perhaps with so many people on cell phones we do need to be more entertaining!

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I think I used to do this when I was younger, but I’ve made a concerted effort as an adult to present myself consistently in all situations. Clarity of self if you will.

My mother, on the other hand, was a master at this.

mom: “You fucking piece of shit, get the fuck away fro…”


mom: “Hellooo, how are you? Sooo nice to hear from yooouuuu.”

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I’m usually less loud, less boisterous, less loudly opinionated on a cell phoned whilst in public. I think it’s rude of me to speak loud enough to be annoying to other people, so I try and keep it down.

I’m also less likely to use “bad” words in a public area where people can hear me. Not because they don’t know the words :-) but because it relfects badly on me.

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Yes my personality does have a tendency to change from my normal phone tone.
I tend to be a little less aggressive and more casual if in ear range of other people.

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I either don’t answer, walk away to a quiet place or almost whisper when in public. I think it’s so rude when someone carries on an obnoxious cell phone conversation in public.

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I won’t take personal calls in public. I mean, I’ll answer the call, but I won’t say anything of consequence, until I find privacy.

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I am quieter and more discreet actually, and try to be quick. Usually I will step away from friends and find a quiet place, mostly so I’m polite to the party on the phone and the parties in the room with me.

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I don’t carry a cell phone, I don’t get any reception in these hills for the most part.
Otherwise, no. My personality is quite consistent and I show up the same on the phone as I would in person.
I also agree that cell phone use has become out of control. Seriously, it IS possible to go about your day without having to be dialed in pun intended to your cell phone drip on a constant basis.

I like to watch my city friends freaking out when their cells won’t come in at my house.
I find it hilarious that they are wandering around all over the deck and house and yard frantically trying to get a few bars. haha

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I never use a phone in a public place. Except for an emergency, there is nothing that cannot wait.

Like @Coloma, there is bad coverage. I keep my phone for driving emergencies or power and phone outages at home.

I also never receive calls.

Last week, on my way to meet an Amtrak train, I received my first text message. It was similar to losing my virginity, but less fun.

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@Coloma I don’t carry a cell either, I did for several years and gave it up. I don’t need friends and family calling during work hours to chat, and I feel as an adult woman, I am old enough to change my tire or find help if needed. :) My friends are seriously annoying when they look at their phones through dinner or whatever we’re doing, it’s kind of rude.

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(remember I’m old.)
I wanted to be so important that I needed to carry a pager. Then I wanted to be so important that I carried a cell phone. Now I want to be so important that I can pay someone else to carry a cell phone.

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I really dislike talking on the phone in public. Unless I am expecting an important call about money or health care, I won’t even answer my phone if I’m on the bus or something like that. With friends I don’t think my personality changes over the phone, but for business calls I am definitely more assertive and to-the-point than I usually am in real life. In all cases, though, I try to be discreet and reserved when talking on the phone in public. I never know if a professor or student of mine might be walking by and listening in on intimate conversations!

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I hate cell phones. There, I said it. And, I’m not THAT old.

same on phone as I am in person.

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I just overheard a conversation via cell where this girl behind me was telling her SO that just because the chicken didn’t lay eggs didn’t mean it needed to be killed and eaten, they were just ‘taking a break’.....LMFAO…see, people don’t realize how intrusive they are or how stupid they sound. :)

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No, no I don’t.

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Yes, usually in monosyllabic answers because I am uncomfortable holding a telephone conversation with others around.

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@gailcalled losing your virginity was fun?

I’m not a consistent person at all. Normally if I feel it would be rude to answer in the way I’m comfortable with that person I step away or if I can’t I turn it off.
However with new boyfriends or not I might the first couple of dates but if they make it past that or are taking calls themselves, given that its not dinner or something to that effect, I may not move away until I discern the topic of conversation.

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