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What does it truly mean to have a girlfriend?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) December 7th, 2012

I know that this question may be silly to some of you..but have any of you ever really tried to analyze this? A girl could be doing stuff for you at the office, buy you a gift on Christmas Day and on your birthday, go to a couple of movies with you and maybe have a cup of coffee with you after work, but she still doesn’t have to be your girlfriend. When you have a girlfriend, what does it truly mean? Is it sex that makes it solid? Does she have to live with you? Do you have to not hang out with other girls that you accustom hanging out with?

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But when you do, what changes really?

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I think you are overanalysing this. If you are unsure where you two stand, just flat out ask her.

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“Girlfriend” is not a universal term. Not everyone defines it the same way. I knew a guy in high school that called every girl he went on a date with his girlfriend, even if it was just one movie date, no kiss, no second date plans. On the other hand, I also know a guy that doesn’t consider someone his girlfriend until they’ve both agreed to only see each other, there’s been some form of intimacy (kissing, sex, etc), and they’ve been on numerous dates.

I didn’t become my husband’s girlfriend until we kissed and, in the car on the way home, he oh-so-smoothly asked, “so…do you wanna date…or do you wanna wait?” and I answered ”...okay.” Keep in mind, we were both 17. Ah, your typical boy meets girl story.

For some people the term might change nothing. Communication with the other person on where the two of you stand is the quickest way to figure out how they feel and what it means for the both of you.

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Someone you want to spend a lot of time with. Someone you want to get to know even better, a person you can trust. The actual mechanics of it differ for everyone.

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You establish the rules together, but usually it would be an exclusive relationship.

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You wank much less!

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I thought I was dating someone until I asked him and found out we weren’t.

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Gives penguin a patronising, but well intentioned “awwww!”

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Do you have a default person you expect to go out with on the weekend? If you plan something with your buddies is there someone you call to let them know you’ll be busy that evening (and not your mom….). Someone you talk to at Halloween about what’s going on for Thanksgiving and the holidays? For me, that’s when you have moved from dating to being BF/GF.

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I second @livelaughlove21‘s opinion.
On the other hand I have girlfriend’s too. Always a shortage of terms in the English langauge.
It doesn’t matter the label as long as you both stand on the same plane.

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Trouble. Couldn’t resist.

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When my son was in sixth grade, he slipped a not under my door. It read
“Dear Mom. Donna and I are going steady, but don’t worry. We’re just in like.”

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