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What would you bring if you were trapped on a dessert island?

Asked by Dwaldo50 (9points) June 7th, 2008

you can only bring one thing.

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id bring a boat.

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Dessert island or desert island??

If I were trapped on a dessert island, I’d bring a spoon!

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Weed and seeds.

Ill eventually have clothes, shelter, nutrition, medicine, and rope.

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A fully stocked Super Wal-Mart…
Well, there goes the neighborhood….

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my banjo and a limitless supply of strings.

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That one thing would be everything :D but I love all the answers so far, I can not compare. If it has to be a thing I’d probably bring my iPod (with a very large music collection and unlimited power) over all the sensible things. I’m sure something could be created that got the most sense out of living on a desert island (or in this case an island made of cake or ice cream)

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My Holy Bible

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Janbb & phoenyx: I was just going to say whipped cream. Mmmm…

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hmm… Probably food, and definatly some music

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A spoon and an appetite.

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A LOT OF FOOD and WATER also a book maybe the bible because i’ve never read it. Or maybe i’d bring one of my best friends so i’m not lonely.

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a picture of my husband and daugther

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definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY (throws self off deck).

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@misslys…. only one thing

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gailcalled: I feel your frustration. Take a look at this. In my opinion, those lines are much too close. It looks like you should avoid Toronto. </offtopic>

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@phoenyx: If it weren’t so pathetic, I would be laughing (in fact, I find that I am). And pray tell, exactly how was that data collected?. Is there some guy with a clip board knocking on people’s doors?

And I don’t see Crawford, TX there. But thanks for sharing my pain.

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Google stores every search term and then sets a counter to each word to put it simply so when you go onto Google trends you can compare two or more words and how many times they were searched :)

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