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What are some movies you went in rooting for - yet just couldn't watch?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 7th, 2012

Tintin had all the makings and ingredients of a great movie – Director, budget, story and (my own personal) nostalgia – yet I couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes.

I really wanted to like it – tried watching it twice – fail.

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I never rooted for a movie in my life! That’s just a nasty rumour.

I can’t think of a film that has had this effect. If it’s a popcorn type film I never expect much. I did go and see A Chorus Line at the theatre the other day and that was so very disappointing. Cost a lot more than a movie too.

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I was right-! I’m not familiar at all with Tintin but when I saw the trailer, my gut feel was something was off. You can almost never tell when a movie would fail your expectation especially if the creative people behind it are quite good at what they do. But it happens, sometimes a movie’s appeal easily falls into a crack. Sometimes, the main character’s problem just isn’t that engaging.

I rooted for Peter Jackson’s KingKong. The visuals were great. Worth watching Kong battle those T-Rex’s over and over but that’s it. That’s the only scene that excited me. I could never start and finish it ever again. The least interesting part is the third act where Kong dies.

I would probably prefer they “disrespect” the original material. Revise that ending to Kong catching all the planes, chewing the heads of the pilots and escape NY by hijacking a luxury liner ship while holding in his hands his fully naked woman friend. Why not-?

Another one was Coppola’s take on Dracula with Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder and Anthony Hopkins. It’s my most favorite book ever. I was not so much as expecting everything will be in the movie. But Francis Coppola’s heavy focus on visuals ala Franco Ziffereli, music that jar the brain and less than engaging performance from some of the cast made this so unscary and much lacking in suspense.

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Most of the X Men movies managed to convince me to give it just one more chance. Oddly, the only one I liked was the last one. Now I am going to be suckered through four or five more.

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I was so excited to go see District 9. The previews looked great, and it had a real life pretext embedded in the SciFi, which I love. I REALLY wanted to love this movie.
Man, did it suck.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Nothing so odd with you going for that latest one. It’s arguably the best in the line. Next best for me is the very first one that Brian Singer directed. I think he deserves credit for starting a franchise. The second and third were forgettable.

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@mazingerz88 I agree. I was just left sitting there every time wondering how you could possibly make those characters unlikable, and they found ways, up until the last one.

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Guess there’s only so much you could do with a material full of so many weird and bizarre characters. XMen has definitely way more characters than the Avengers. I think even Joss Whedon would be quite challenged if he tackles one.

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Man, the other day on Netflix I figured I’d give “Everything Must Go” a try with Will Ferrel. I’m still reeling from how awkward and bad it was.

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@filmfann I agree with you. District 9 sucked.
I didn’t really care for Avatar either.

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Thank you, @AshlynM

I did not like Avatar at all. In fact, I walked out.

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The Thing (1982) is one of my favorite horror movies. I had high hopes for the 2011 prequel. What a disappointment. I think I fell asleep at some point.

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I want to love Lord of the Rings but I just can’t! They are so frickin’ long!

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Tideland (trailer). I did end up watching the whole thing, but it made me sick – and not in a good way. I guess having kids spoiled this whole tale for me.

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@tom_g Tideland was so odd! I love Terry Gilliam, but this movie was hard to figure out. I give it a lot of slack, since it is Gilliam. I wouldn’t do that for other directors.

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@filmfann – Right. I mean he will usually get break in my book for creating the amazing Brazil (and directing 12 Monkeys). But the whole child neglect thing was too much for me to take – especially since I have kids. It was a beautifully-shot film though. Just wish the movie wasn’t about what it was about.

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Wish Terry Guilliam would just do some normal fantasy again like Baron Munchausen-?

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I just watched “trespass” with Nicolas Cage & Nicole Kidman. OMG!
Nicole Kidman looks like a freak with her botoxed sausage lips and Nicolas Cage looks old and maybe even like he has had some not very becoming “work.”

Aside from criticizing their looks and horrible acting, considering I have always been a Nicolas Cage fan…well…the whole freaking movie was, literally, every 2 minutes, a big posturing bluff of “Oookay, NOW, you’re REALLY going to die!”
It was so stupid!
The ENTIRE movie was the same scene over and over and over again. lol

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@Coloma Not much production value too. I think that’s what they do to save budget. Restrict the location in one or two houses, get some known stars and capitalize on whatever dramatic momentum they could conjure.

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@mazingerz88 Yeah, thing is, I was surprised that Nicolas Cage would star in such a B flat film. lol
Really degrading to what he is capable of.
Nicole Kidman, never did take her seriously, a show pony with no acting skill IMO.

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Oh, and also just watched ” Larry Crowne.” A total dud for Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Ten thumbs down to both. haha

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Tintin was a very fine movie, I guess tastes differ though.
Valkyrie was tiresome in the extreme however.

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@Coloma Cage needs dough. Badly. Not sure if you know about his crazy spending and debacles in paying tax, rift with his accountant etc. Larry Crowne was not a lousy film, imo. It’s just that Hank’s and Robert’s Hollywood image are so much bigger than the characters they played in the movie. Sad but, they are not fit to play “trying to be cute” roles anymore.

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@mazingerz88 I was not aware of Cages financial crisis, and yes, I agree, Larry Crowne was okay, but just okay, seemed a big step down for both Hanks & Roberts. Her attempt to play a bitter broad felt extremely forced.

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@Coloma He bought an island, even tigers, I think. Try to find a link on just one of his houses and see the over the top decor. To go back in answering the OP, I’ll say that most movies that I have rooted for but end up disappointed were mostly Nicholas Cage movies-! Lol.

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@mazingerz88 LOL Wow, what a fool, all that cash and he’s blown it all on ostentatious status symbols.

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I really went in rooting for Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin, but it was terrible. The acting was fine, I’m not jumping on Pattinson’s acting skills, and I love Emilie de Ravin, but the story itself was horrible and it had a shitty ending. Total waste of money.

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