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If you could have a trait of any non-human animal and still otherwise stay yourself, which one would you choose?

Asked by Brian1946 (23293points) December 7th, 2012

E.g., I think I’d choose the lifespan of a bowhead whale.

What would you choose? The size of an elephant, the speed of a turtle, the plumage of a peacock, etc?

How would you use this trait? Would you fly to work like an eagle, enter an eating contest with the appetite of some pachyderm, etc?

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The immortality of a jellyfish, natch

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The speed of a hummingbird’s wings. So I can get more done in less time!

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The strength and speed of a horse, the agility of a cat and the ability to dive in the pool on a 30 degree morning like my geese. Laying my own eggs would be cool too. lol

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Ears of a Bassett Hound. I would be adorable.

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The regenerative powers of a starfish. Amputation would be a cure for every injury.

“We’re terribly worried about Uncle Henry. He thinks he’s a chicken.”
“Why don’t you send him to a doctor?”
“Well, we would, but we need the eggs.”

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I admire the stealth of cats and ability to get around in the dark. I’ve had a few years to see this because we have four of them here and they all are incredibly sneaky little bastards.

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The agility and grace of a cat.

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@PeppermintBiscuit LOL I had an old goose for years that would lay her one giant egg on the porch every day. I miss my giant goose eggs. She would make a “nest” with the throw rug, scrunch it up and lay her egg. :-)

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The stubbornness of an American Republican politician. Well, this trait of theirs is almost non-human. : )

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I’d love to be able to see in the dark, like a cat or a an owl.

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I wanna’ fly, baby. Some kind of graceful bird.

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^^Me too! Beautiful, large, multi-colored wings that allow me to soar when I’m ready to take flight and gently cover anything in need of sheltering while on the ground.

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All of these but number 6. No point in number 6. It kills the individual.

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I yearn to lick my genitals as a dawg does, that would be nice.

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Cats are by far my favorite animal, and I admire the fact that they do their own thing and aren’t out to please you. Nevertheless, when a cat trusts you they can be incredibly loyal and compassionate. As far as physical traits go they have great hearing, night vision, sense of smell and are very fast. I don’t blame cats for being ‘sneaky’ since there are many aholes out there who do horrible things to them, aka cat haters.

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