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Pizza Hut perfume - what other odd ideas and supposedly contrasting or conflicting ideas have you come across?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 7th, 2012

Pizza perfume?

Or make up one yourself, for fun. Please refrain from scatological references – I just ate.

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Eau d’ New Car

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Homeopathic Toilet Water (That’s not really scatological, is it? I don’t think it’s logical at all.)

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Eau! Eau! Eau! (the smell of sex)

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N’ Eau Way José (I have no idea what it would smell like, but I’d keep it away from an open flame.)

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Danish in the Morning (It would probably smell rotten.)

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@CWOTUS: Wow, those are great.
I work in a small-ish town’s old drug store – think Andy Griffith’s drug store.
We have several random objects that have been sitting around the store for years. The worst is something called Eye-Tunes. It’s sunglasses that look like spy sunglasses with hugely thick ear pieces. It has a radio on one side and a spot for a headphone cord on the other side, to connect to an MP3 player. To top it off, it has earbuds on 2-inch cords dangling on either side, where your ears would be, if you were to put them on. Wow, I know. They seem like the perfect white elephant gift. My cousins will be hooting at Christmas Eve. But really: It’s got to be the weirdest idea I’ve ever heard of.

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I once saw an actual candle in a real store labelled “your father’s garage.” The candle was black in color, and it really did smell like an oily sweaty mess.

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Man cans has weird but kind of awesome candle scents, like dirt, pizza, gunpowder and campfire. They are made in real soup cans, after the food in them has been donated.

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The Scent of Money. Maybe another Tom Cruise movie, too.

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Some of the nearby instances of the regional drugstore chain DuaneReade (now owned by Walgreens) have a big rack of several dozen scents of all descriptions.
Ordinary things like flowers are among them, but also there are scents reminiscent of woods(redwood, cedar, pine, sandalwood), pizza, marijuana, funeral home, new car, bubble gum, “dirt”, attic (dusty/moldy), wet wool, wet dog, ...
I find ‘em fascinating, but can’t imagine why some of them will ever sell.

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Eau de freshly ground coffee beans!

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That actually sounds yummy.

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