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What kind of play do you put on for others?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) December 7th, 2012

I once told someone: “I won’t be able to tell because the real you is on the inside. What kind of show you want to put on for others is entirely up to you. You’re the director, the choreographer, the writer, and the star of your own play called ‘Life’.” They were asking me if I wanted to see the real ‘them’ and this was my response.

So, what kind of show do you put on? Do you keep little secrets about the plot until the very end? Do you like to captivate the audience with a marvelous display of magic and wonder? Is it an action play that excites the people with amazing special effects and stunts?
Is your ‘show’ a show at all? Might it be a truthful story, open to all members of the audience?

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I’m a very genuine sort, no impression management here. I just open my mouth and my brain bolts like a team of 40 horses. haha
I am an extremely witty, humorous and verbose type and a “natural” comedienne. I am extremely quick with the improv. and would love to get into some stand up comedy or acting at my local theater. My “show” is never rehearsed, it’s a brand new debut every time. :-D

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I’m too lazy and/or stupid to go to all that effort to try to make an impression and then have to keep track of what I’ve revealed to each person I’ve encountered. Life is already too stinking complicated, so I’m a “what you see is what you get” person.

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I believe that I am the same person inside as I portray outside, but with this caveat. I try to protect the feelings of others by listening to what I am about to say and choosing words that are most supportive.

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Life does present itself as a series of skits or longer scenes, and it’s fun to choose your own roles and parts, and run with that. I like going places where not a single soul knows me and act totally different than I do normally it’s fun to see people look at you from a different angle, for lack of a better term. I have taken the cliche about life being a play pretty much to heart, it makes the experience all the more interesting ;-)

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I no longer put on shows unless I need to manipulate the situation. Life’s too short.

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I’m painfully sincere. Rather than wasting energy putting up a front for others’ benefit, I put myself out there, and then waste energy remonstrating myself and wondering how people are judging me when they probably aren’t even giving it a second thought.

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I’m just me, I don’t have the energy to do plays.

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