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If you are allergic to something like peanut butter, does it make you nervous just seeing the product?

Asked by beachbum76 (649points) December 8th, 2012

Would you avoid the peanut butter aisle at the store? Does just seeing it on TV make you nervous?

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I have no allergies fortunately, but as I am a type 1 diabetic I do want to set fire to Krispy Kreme every time I walk past. Dude, no one needs to consume that much sugar, ever.

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I also have no food allergies, but, at my daughter’s grade school, peanut butter isn’t even allowed in the building. Apparently there are a couple students with such bad allergies, the mere smell of nuts will send them into anaphylactic seizures. I can’t imagine having to live with that.

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No food allergies here either, so no. However, I do have an extreme aversion to
I can’t STAND barf scenes in movies. I have to run from the room or FF. WHY is puking so popular in films these days? Gag!

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I have a few and I wouldn’t say they make me anxious but when I look at them, I think of the consequence. Which results in a kind of low grade anxiety. But no, I wouldn’t avoid them on the shelves in the supermarket. Perhaps you have a phobia of them now.

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I was that wheezy kid who was allergic to everything. I got allergy shots and the only thing that bothers me still is nuts.

I do not get nervous around it, and my kids seem to love it. But when I make them those sandwiches or someone is eating it the smell is like having copper in your mouth.

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I’ve never had a food allergy, but I imagine it would make me extremely anxious if I did. You’re bound to come across the food from time to time, and I’m an anxious person to begin with. Sounds like phobia time to me! What would make me even more anxious is if I were allergic to bees. Those fuckers are everywhere.

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@Coloma – I completely agree, when did it become entertainment to watch people puke!!! And it seems like every movie these days, regardless of the subject matter, has a puking scene!

No food allergies except too much ice cream makes me feel poorly and gives me a belly ache!

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