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Why do so many psychiatric medication names begin with the letter 'c' or 'k'?

Asked by Flavio (1111points) November 9th, 2006
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Hmmmm. I only know zoloft, prozac, lamichtal, seroquel, lithium, ritalin; what are the ones starting with c or k?
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Flavio, I just realized that was you! How are you?
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i'm not entirely sure. but I know in comedy that words with the hard c sound are generally considered funnier. it's better to name your character: colonel kolanski than general rutherford. so they say.
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so maybe they're more memorable
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Branding is a tricky game, subject to the ever-changing whims of consumers and our notions of what letters sound 'innovative' or 'reliable'. From a Dec 23, 2003 article on brand naming: "James L. Dettore, president of the Brand Institute, a branding company based in Miami that has tested 8,400 drug names in the last seven years (its successes include Lipitor, Clarinex, Sarafem and Allegra), said the letters X, Z, C and D, according to what he called "phonologics," subliminally indicate that a drug is powerful. "The harder the tonality of the name, the more efficacious the product in the mind of the physician and the end user," he said." Other drugs have funnier roots (Niagra/Viagra?) and whether the psychiatrics as a class have their own particularly meaningful consonant sounds I do not know.
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My bad, Dec 27th, 2003, and New York Times is the source.
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here's a list that don't start with C or K: Trazadone, Prozac, Risperdal, Straterra, Ritalin, Adderall, Effexor, Haldol, Lexapro, Ativan, Xanax... i'm not an expert in this.. i'm just dating someone who is getting her PhD in the field...
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Yeah, what ones begin with c or k? I only know ZZZZZoloft-know it & love it
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maybe Flavio knows something about C or K drugs that we don't.
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Also, many drug brand names are based on their generic names. And some of them happen to start with c (ie clonazepam=klonipin, clozapin=clozaril).
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what is a brand name that starts with the letter k?

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