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Why do my teeth chatter when I am really angry?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) December 8th, 2012

When I get mad (not like day-to-day mad, I mean when something really sets me off intensely) I shiver very hard and my teeth chatter uncontrollably. My body acts like it is freezing cold, no matter what the temperature.

I can’t imagine it’s just adrenaline, I have anxiety disorders out the wazoo and nothing makes this happen but rage. Is that… typical? What causes this physical reaction?

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Excellent question. I’ll be waiting to see if someone else can explain, since I do the same thing. My whole body shakes, my teeth chatter, and my hands get really cold. It’s weird.

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It’s not uncommon.

Cause is unclear but here is a forum. Anxiety-related also. Getting really enraged can cause most people to feel anxious.,Teeth+Chattering/?a=s

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@WillWorkForChocolate I get cold, too, even when it is not cold. It’s a weird sensation, though, like my guts are vibrating.

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Rage. Fear. A sense of being out of control. Semi-phobia

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^^^What’s a semi-phobia?

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My late mother had an expression: “His teeth chattered with rage.”

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It seems to me that adrenaline makes this happen.

Whenever life gets intense for me, my stomach might start shaking, and if it gets really intense, my teeth start chattering.

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Something very close to a phobia but not quite as incapacitating.

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