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From what sources do aethiests, freethinkers, agnostics (or other non-religious people) draw their inspiration?

Asked by DeezerQueue (2022points) June 7th, 2008

From where would guidance, wisdom, advice or other meaningful searches be sought? Are they (or you) open to religious texts if they’re found to be inspirational in some way? Are the inspirational works of non-religious figures held in higher esteem than those of a religious figure?

I’m trying to craft this question as non-confrontational as I can because I’m genuinely interested.

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I am completely open minded to all information I come across, even if it is religious. Be good and do good is what I live by. I dont believe in knocking down someone to get what I want. I guess it has to do with the way I was raised.

I believe it was Thomas Paine that said, “Every religion is good that teaches man to be good; and I know of none that instructs him to be bad.

For your last question, I always question the motives behind all high standing officials, whether religious or not. I just find it hard to listen to religious figures when everything they talk about is because of God. I feel the things that happen, happen because of man, not God.

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I’ve got a few atheist friends, and two of them start twitching if they so much as hear anything that might faintly be related to religion. It’s funny because I think religion affects them far more than they’d like it to this way :)

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I am an atheist and I find those answers within myself. I have decided that I want to be good person, so I decide what that means. I live my life by my own standards (and to some degree, society’s) and those standards include my interactions with other people, my impact on the planet, my work enviromnent, the kind of people that I associate with, what I eat and put in my body, and so on.

If I were to say that I was “inspired” by anything, it would be science, knowledge, evolution, nature and beauty. I’m pretty sure that I have never felt a need to search outside of myself for a “meaning” to my life.

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Satan? His biggest lie is that he doesn’t exist.

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From where would guidance, wisdom, advice or other meaningful searches be sought? – I use the knowledge given to me by my elders and that obtained by experience. I use my principles and ethics to be a better person.

Are they (or you) open to religious texts if they’re found to be inspirational in some way? – I am open to religious texts because many of them have wise quotes/sayings (about life in general) that I enjoy recording and thinking about. That said, I will also view the text critically when it talks about something that is highly unscientific (and illogical) and will find myself rolling my eyes at the truly religious parts.

Are the inspirational works of non-religious figures held in higher esteem than those of a religious figure? – Probably. I would love to read the autobiography of a major thinker/inventor over a religious text anyday. But as of now, I don’t have one major figure that I admire enough to follow them unconditionally. I think that is one of the main concepts behind atheism anyway, question everything and in the end decide for yourself.

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Great question! I, personally love all religions. In my opinion, most religions or belief systems have a core commonality to them. I believe deeply in God, I just abhor organized religions where someone is interpreting & telling you what to believe. I feel it is man that corrupts the message of love, peace, & kindness. Man twists religion into something ugly.

So, for me, I study them all & take from each what resonates with me as truth. I try to lead my life with honor, ethics, & integrity because I’m happiest this way, not because I’m afraid of hell, or because someone tells me this is the way to live. I feel it in my core as truth.

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Never you mind.

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I’m agnostic, and like chris6137 said – I’m simply open minded to all the information I come across. I decide for myself.

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Just the world most days is good enough. Artists, writers, musicians, always inspire me and help me see life in other ways. I’ve studied the world’s traditions and definitely draw inspiration from them.

But I’m not signing up.

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I look to people of integrity both in my own life and in culture/history for inspiration and guidance. We get millions of messages about how to “be” throughout our lives…the trick is to discern who is worth hearing.

When I was young, those messages may have come small part from the catholicism lite I was exposed to, but the ones that stuck were the ones from adults I respected.

I think this is still the case, only now I’ve cast the net a bit wider to include people I’ll likely never meet but still hope to emulate. As for religion, I think grace and holiness are qualities that can be found in unexpected places. I try to keep my eyes open for them.

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People and nature. Thoughts, ideas, experiences, views, natural beauty, elements, natural phenomena.
To me, there really is no need to look beyond worldly entities for inspiration. There’s plenty right here! From the wildflowers (weeds) in my garden, the waves by the shore to the birds flying above at sunset and people that I interact with daily (including flutherites!)

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