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If the best things in life are free, why does it sometimes not feel that way?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18976points) December 8th, 2012

What makes human beings crave for things they really don’t need? Are there really things in life that are absolutely free-?

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The very best things are free, but a whole lot of second-best things can make us more comfortable, and they’re not.

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Here

If we are starving, lower order need, we seek only that what we need, which is food.. If we have all bases covered we start to seek that which we want.

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Even if you wanted to go to a park and sit, that would cost money if it wasn’t within walking distance, so we can be technical like that, but some experiences are free disregarding fuel lol. Hiking is one of the best things for me if it has good scenery, and that is free, but tbe marijuana to enhance the experiece costs money, though….

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Security connection success love friendship contentment. These all may be relative or not store bought things but they all cost something. Fulfillment after a hard days work. (There’s work)
Trust in others or them trusting you. This has to be built overtime. If it is freely given its freely taken away.
Relationships cost time and heartache.
Dream means taking risks. Which cost security.
Growth costs innocence and freedom to behave irresponsibly.
Kindness to keep on recieving it you must be kind or open.
No I don’t think anything worth having is free.

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I’d rather wake up next to a drop dead gorgeous chick who just happens to be a billionaire, but hey, would I be happy though?
You betcha fucking life I would, still, the wife’s not short of a few bob & beggars can’t be choosers.

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Enjoyment of nature and natural beauty.



The feeling of accomplishment after a workout.

The feeling of accomplishment after finishing a work project.


Music (can be found mostly for free).

A good book.

A fire with hot cocoa on a cold evening.

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I think it is very arrogant to tell another person what they do or do not need. I can’t tell you what you need. Only you can.

Yet people are free with opinions about other people’s life styles. They make all kinds of judgments.

The saying that says the best things in life are free is referring to things like relationships with other people, or experiences in nature and whatnot where you don’t necessarily have to pay. Of course, whoever said that, wasn’t an economist. If you look at life through the eyes of an economist, you see that we “pay” for everything. So it isn’t true and that, of course, is why it feels like the best things are not free. Indeed, they are not. Nothing, in fact, is free.

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