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What is your food heaven and food hell?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) December 8th, 2012

A TV cooking program in the UK on a Saturday morning always has a celebrity guest on and they are asked what their idea is of food heaven and what their idea is of food hell. It does lead to an array of answers and shows how different we all are when it comes to food that we love or hate.

The idea behind it is that a chef on the show will then try to cook the food hell part in a way that the person will love it.

So what is your idea of food heaven and what is your idea of food hell? (and for the hell part we can see if others can suggests ideas that would make it more pleasant)

My own food heaven is chocolate cake and if that is on a menu, then I cannot take my eyes off it and blank everything else.

My food hell has to be oysters. I just cannot even stomach the idea of them.

Over to you!!

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Well since I’m a vegetarian, I guess I’d have to say that meat is my food hell, but for the sake of the TV show, we couldn’t use that as an example, because no matter how good it might taste, I still wouldn’t eat it.

So for things that I actually can eat, I will say without reservation that Eggplant is my food hell. I’ve tried it every which way but loose and it’s just gross. It’s mostly the texture, because it doesn’t really have much of a taste. But it seems to me like biting into a piece of water-logged corrugated cardboard. You get that awful toothsome feeling followed by a big juicy squirt. I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

Food heaven? Almost any kind of cheese, with a few small exceptions. There was a particular bleu cheese that I tried (do not know the name of it) in which the little blue/green moldy bits (which are delicious in other bleu cheese varieties) tasted and smelled like day-old sweat socks perculating on the bottom of a clothes hamper.

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Food heaven: Raw steak covered in Sriracha
Food hell: Panda Express and anything else in the common American mall.

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Heaven: I’m a vagitarian, I like to eat out with the wife.
Hell: Onions, anything with bloody onions.

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heaven: Döner with chicken meat.
hell: bacon

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@ucme Then you probably wouldn’t like Wundayatta’s creamed onions, although I’m thinking about asking him for the recipe.

@ragingloli What’s Doner? I was hoping your were going to say Ravioli ; – )

@Michael_Huntington Some of our malls have Indian food that is pretty darned good. Do you like samosas and chutney?

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@Kardamom If those are the babies located neath his butt crack, then that’s a very definite no!

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My food heaven would probably have lotsa potatoes (mashed, steamed, or baked) and fish. I like whole fish the best, for some reason it just tastes better that way.

Food hell would have onions, yams, cinnamon, too sweet sweets, dairy..lotsa stuff that makes me sick to my stomach..

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Food hell: Must be beets. I love after I eat them and have brushed my teeth they make me feel great. But that overpowering sewage is wicked. Citrus usually lemon and savory herbs make this barely bareable. Never ever eat with raspberries. Dusk and Musk and Yuck. Oh and waterchestnuts they are slimy and crisp at the same time unnatural. I will add that I have mostly had canned beets and beet juice.The new orange juice I doubt it!
Also I never have waterchestnut when I cook, they are usually slipped into a wet salad or wok or casserole and I cringe everytime I hit one.

Food Heaven: Well if it were desserts I would go for and german chocolate cake. (They know how to do deserts right!) Or a carrot cake the best one I had also had raisen’s and nuts and other dense delightful stuff on it. And don’t oversweeten the icing carrots are plenty sweet on their own.
If it wasn’t a desert I think I would go for a coconut curry, spicy.

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@ragingloli So Doner is kind of like gyros?

@ucme I certainly hope that Wundy is not an butt onion dispensary LOL. Do you dislike green onions (scallions) too? I love green onions thrown into Chinese hot and sour soup, yum! What do you eat with your plowman’s lunch, if not pickled onions? The plowman’s lunch was one of my favorite things that I discovered when I visted England.

@Argonon I take it that you don’t much care for American Thanksgiving foods?

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@Kardamom I despise ploughmans lunches, who wants to smell like a fucking tractor?
The only green onions I like :¬)

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Food heaven is the huge number of farmers’ markets we have around the city from May through October.

Food hell is chili cheese fries (which we have around the city from January through December).

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@ucme I adore a ploughman’s lunch. Pickles and cheese and chutney oh my!

I like that kind of green onions too : )

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@Kardamom I wonder, do you also like to suck on a fisherman’s friend ;¬}

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@ucme I had never heard of those before, but I do like that flavor. Sucked on a bunch of something similar last week when I had a bad cough. Can’t stand the cherry ones.

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food hell = anything with chocolate

food heaven = anything with chilli

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food heaven: cornbread and blackeyed peas with pot liquor.

food hell: rutabagas.

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I need to think about my heaven. I have a few and I can’t decide.
My hell is sauerkraut. The smell of it makes my tummy ill.

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Food good: (roasted) mashed potatoes slathered with butter + drinkable soured milk (one of many gems of Polish regional quisine)

Food not so good: celery salad with rasins (or any kind form of sweet food)...

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Food Heaven = Spanish or Asian food

Food Hell= Fast food or pretty much anything else American

@Michael_Huntington mmmmm sriracha

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@jonsblond I love sauerkraut! I also love buttermilk and kefir which sound similar to the soured milk that @fremen_warrior was referring to.

@rosehips Pickled caned beets are awful, but fresh raw beets are wonderful, especially in this Salad I’ve made this a bunch of times and I found out that I can avoid the bloody murder scene appearance in the sink and on my counters if I used golden beets instead of red beets. I also use turnips and rutabagas in this recipe. Maybe you and @marinelife could both try it LOL.

Roasted beets are also good. As is borscht

Did you know that German Chocolate Cake is not German in origin at all? You can read all about the American, Sam German, and his yummy chocolate and the cakes Here

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raw beets are wonderful, especially in this Salad

Bookmarked, thank you very much!

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I also bookmarked the salad the borscht sounds good but I love sour cream and am dairy free so that one might make me angry. I know my gcc and cc are not gluten and dairy free persay… but i am sure they can be and I had a food love affair prior to.

Thanks for the factoid, love all the interesting stuff you can learn in a day.

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@rosehips The borscht tastes great, even without the sour cream. I think they might even have some vegan dairy free sour cream subs now, but I haven’t tasted them.

In the salad, if you don’t want to take the time to make the spicy nuts, just use Trader Joe’s Sweet and Spicy Pecans

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Food Hell: Canned tuna fish.
I can’t get past the smell.

Food Heaven: Jumbo shrimp cocktail with a nice horseradish cocktail sauce.

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Tiny bones in a fish, eggshells in an egg, but my real hell would be balut. I sooner would eat soylent green than balut.

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@Pandora Isn’t balut kind of like partially born babbys in an egg?

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Food heaven: properly made pie. The crust has to be made with shortening, not butter, and vinegar and egg. If you make it right, it just melts in your mouth. Pie crust should not be chewy. And if it’s a fruit pie, not too much sugar.
Food hell: anything spicy. I want flavour on my tongue, not the sensation of my mouth being on fire.

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I’m more of a steak and potato type of guy, with one exception being certain Italian dishes, baked deserts and ice cream. Any food with mayo or too much cheese I find to be yucky. I’m also not a big seafood eater, with one exception being breaded shrimp. I don’t even like lobster.

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Food Heaven: Either a Prime Rib or a Crab Sandwich

Food Hell: Anything from Arbys.

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Food heaven: a Thai salad bar

Food hell: anything from the animal kingdom that’s still alive.

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@Kardamom thanks you are officially my recipe guru.
Balut sounds truly god awful don’t kill yourself trying to fina good recipe for it.

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Cheese, cheese, cheese
Olives of every kind
Mashed potatoes
Mexican Food
Thai/Chinese food
T-Bone steak slathered in sauteed button mushrooms
My spaghetti sauce & pepper steak sandwiches
Home made chicken pot pies
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Pistachio nuts

Lima beans
Head Cheese
Most lunch meats
Organ meats
Pate ( shudder )
Cow tongue
Pigs feet
Frozen mixed vegetables ( Gak! )
Sea weed
Creamed corn ( Dear God! )

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@Coloma Foie gras?

Awesome ‘heaven’ list, by the way! Every single item is OK with me!

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@Coloma what is wrong with frozen mixed veg? I put Them in soup when I am in a hurry.

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@jaytkay Aaaah…shhhh, my geese might hear you! lol
@rooeytoo They’re fine in soups just not a big pile of them on a plate, ick!

I also forgot…French Bread & Spinach dip!

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Hey, @Coloma you would have loved this.

Canada geese are really common around here. They’re beautiful flying around in formation, but a nuisance on the ground.

But today I was biking by a park,and there were three BEAUTIFUL perfect white geese by the road. They were eating some kind of berries or crab apples or something on the ground. I was in a hurry and I was really sad I had no camera.

Anyway, you would have loved them.

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@jaytkay Awww….go back and take bread and cracked corn! LOL

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I just thought of my heaven. Fresh San Francisco sourdough bread with butter, not margarine. I could eat a loaf and skip dinner, the stuff is that good.

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My food hell: dairy products. And no matter how well the chef cooked it I wouldn’t be able to eat it without being physically ill afterwards (unless he used vegan substitutes – in which case it wouldn’t be hell).

Food heaven – pretty much anything else that’s good quality and cooked well.

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Hey @Coloma, thanks for the idea, you made some geese very happy today!

A picture

Another picture

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^^ So cute! We have a park with a lake by our house that has several varieties of geese and all of them are huge!

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