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Why doesn't my USB cord for my iPod Touch fit in the dock adapter?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) June 7th, 2008

My USB cord is supposed to fit through the hole on the included dock adapter. The part where it connects to the iPod is too big to it through the hole. Should I cut the hole bigger?

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If by dock adapter, you’re referring to the little plastic insert, that’s designed to be placed in speaker docks or other “receiving” ends of units that accept iPods. For example the JBL Onstage III is designed to accept the new iPhone/iPod Touch, but the previous version doesn’t accept the iPod Touch because of its different dimensions. So the little adapter is designed to slip in the dock receiver as a “shim” that allows the iPod Touch to be plugged in to these “iPod” compatible devices.

The dock connector cord (the USB/dock cable) is not designed to go through the adapter; you just simply plug it in without the adapter.

Hope this is what you’re asking about…if not give some more details and we can go from there.

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Try going through the hole the other way. Put the small end through the front.

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Apple Dock from behind

You shouldn’t have to put it through a hole, it will plug in to a slot on the back that is exactly like that on the iPod itself.

Since Apple stopped including a dock with iPods, they have started including adapters like sndfreQ said. These allow a nano to fit fine in a dock that can also find a classic or touch.

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