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Do you have a person you either dated or have met that you consider the one that got away?

Asked by creative1 (12030points) December 8th, 2012

Do you still think about this person?

Where they a friend or ex-relationship?

Are they still in your life?

If not what would you do if you bumped into this person years after parting ways?

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I have a couple actually (since I am old). But I will single it down to one. I was career driven for most of my adult life, and so gave her up. She wanted me to give up my job and start a wine farm. How silly of me, I was crazy about her. And where is my job now! She cut me out of her life. Totally. I have no idea what I would do if I bumped into her. She was wildly attractive. But I think I am better off, I have found someone better! And maybe I only remember the good parts of her you know!

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I did, until he came back around 30 years later and wanted me to leave my husband and run away with him. I realized exactly why it was never meant to be and that my husband was twice the man I thought he would turn out to be. Although he had a lot of financial success, he was still the emotionally immature 19 year old boy that broke this 16 year old heart. Hadn’t grown a bit and was full of drama.

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There is one woman whom I always wonder about. She broke up with me to enter the Peace Corp. I would have waited for her, but she didn’t want to make me do that, she said. I had been so in love with her, and had been planning on marrying her.

After she left me, she had a whole series of lovers, and I guess she never came back to the US. Sometimes I still wonder what would happen if I met her now. But I don’t know where she is or what has happened to her, and so she remains a kind of fantasy.

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No. All the ones that “got away” means, I kicked their obnoxious, infantile, narcissitic, deceitful, passive aggressive asses out of my life. Haha
It’s hard being a really bright woman, I can smell the wolf under the sheepskin a mile away, How? Because I am an Alpha bitch! lol

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@Coloma Gosh Coloma why do you think you drew so many to you??

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@Shippy Yes I do know what you mean about remembering only the good parts
@Judi So happy you see that your husband was the one for you
@burntbonez Maybe someday she will return or you will travel to a place she is and you will see her, you really never know where life brings you.
@Coloma Just 1 word “WOW”

I bumped it to my person last Wednesday after attending a wake of a friend I went to school with. I didn’t know what to say at all, he asked if he could help me with anything and I said I was all set but thank you. He did keep looking at me while I was there and i’m not sure if he recognized who I was. I stopped into a garden center for something for my plants on my way to pick up my daughters at my brothers house and it happened to be his business. I recognized him right off and now trying to figure out if I should go back and actually talk to him or will I be too nervous to say anything. Its been over 20 years since I saw him or talked to him, he’s probably married now who knows but I would be nice to know what he’s been up to over the years.

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@Shippy Haha…Not many, a few before I became wise, the rest I saw the hole in their sidewalks a block away.
I’m a pretty quick study these days.

@creative1 I’m being humorous for the most part, feelin’ feisty today.
It is true though, I am an Alpha female, but I am really not a bitch, only if someone forces me to bare my teeth. :-)

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@Coloma I think we can all be a bitch if forced to show our teeth, I know I have that side of me as well.

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@creative1 , A facebook quote I saw recently. “I’d rather live a life of ‘Oh well’s’ that ‘what if’s”

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At least two. One that I walked away from, and one that walked away from me.

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@CWOTUS the one you walked away from, why did you leave?

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I was young and stupid. Stupider, I should say.

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You know I got every guy pursued and a few I didn’t. Usually it became quite apparent that this would not be my mate so while I didn’t always do the walking I was usually more then OK with it.

That sounds awful doesn’t it maybe it helps that I only pursue single hetero males and for some reason guys are either not picky enough or curious or bored.

But there are a few I never went after for one reason or other that I was really attracted to. And sure I’m curious and I think about them or fantasize. I think I regret but I have met a few a couple years later and they wiped out my illusions. Which makes me skeptical about the rest. There is only one I can really think about right now and if I had a chance I would at least go on a date with him in a heartbeat. I sorta agree with the quote but I think you pick up judgement and sense along the way and it is more then ok to apply it.

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There were a few I suppose, but there was one girl who still stands out to me since I first met her at work some 12 years ago. I’ve recently found out that she has cancer, and now I feel bad (in a guilty way) for some reason. I didn’t go with her because I just had a bad experience with another girl right before meeting her. I definitely wasn’t looking for a gf at the time, but she expressed interest in me first. The timing just sucked.

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I still think about everyone that was once important to me. I have fond memories with them.
I’ve never really thought of them as “The one that got away”. I prefer to think of them as “my favorite mistakes”.

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@Paradox you are such a cheerful inspiration. I’m teasing of course.
@AshLeigh I love that thought. My sister had a key chain when she was a lot younger. Holding out Mr Right. Having fun with Mr Wrong

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She was so much like me it felt like I was reading her mind. We met at a meeting. Went out for a drink. I was so into talking to her that I forgot to ask her for her phone number. I never saw her again. Whenever I think about her, I wonder what might have happened.

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@Judi So very true that is and I will probably go back just not sure when
@Paradox25 Maybe you should get in contact anyway, being sick is better than have already died.
@AshLeigh Now thats a good way of thinking of past relationships
@rosehips Who knows maybe he may show up in your life again, believe me mine was a complete shock when I saw him
@wundayatta Do you know her full name, maybe you can seek her out via the internet and see if you can locate her number that way.

With mine I wonder if he also thinks of me as the one that got away and wonder about the what if’s or did he completely forget about me the moment I was gone.

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No, I only know her first name, and nowadays, I’m not even sure of that.

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Yes, doing my best not to burn over it, he might even be with someone else now, but I’m not closing the door on that one.

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No, indeed, I was the one that got away from them, snooze you lose.

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@wundayatta Too bad
@bookish1 I know how you feel, who knows he may come back to you one day
@ucme good for you being the one who got away, do you ever wonder if she is curious about what you’ve been up to?

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An ex-boyfriend told me, years later, that I was the one who got away for him. I was quite touched by that, for some reason.

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@creative1 you should go and find out. So you know.

@augustlan that is quite a compliment.

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