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Do you wish you had more friends?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) December 8th, 2012

What would you do with them if you had them?

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Always. You can never have too many friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed! I would talk to them. See movies and plays. Go on bike rides. Vacation. Anything they wanted to do. My life is rather solitary at the moment, so I could use a new friend.

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Sure, but then I go to socialize and remember how much I don’t have the energy – there was a meme about that a couple of weeks back – it was like ‘I’m so lonely, I want friends….goes to party…‘I hate people, I want to go home’ – that’s me.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Yes. That is a lot like me.

I feel like friend needs to be more defined. Is it just someone I kinda know and happen to hang out with?

Or will this person back me up tough situations or go the extra mile if I really needed it kind of friend.

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Not really. I mean, I wouldn’t mind it, but I don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to friends. Most of my time is spent at school, work, with my husband, or with my best friend and her boyfriend, who are the only friends we really spend time with. Maybe when I graduate and am working full time with no tests to study for – but for now, I’ll keep it the way it is.

Plus, if I were to make friends, it would probably be at school. People my age tend to spend a lot of time downtown partying and going to frat parties – two things I have absolutely no interest in doing. And just like my profile says, I’m not anti-social, I just can’t stand people. :)

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I’ve been on the fence with this for the last few years. I would like more STIMULATING friends, that have more to talk about than what they made for dinner last night and how the neighbors leaves are blowing in their yard and pissing them off. lol
Sadly, the pool of invigorating mind mates has shrunken and I am not so keen on going out and trying to drum up new pals. I find most people extremely dull, and when I do meet a lively, vivacious, witty, humorous type it is an outstanding discovery in the land of parched intellect. lol
Honestly, most people are so mind blowingly boring I don’t know how they stand themselves. haha

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I LOVE the number of connections I have here on campus. Granted it’s a small school, tightly knit community, but I adore walking to class and being greeted by friendly people as I go. It’s crazy to me that I’ve become so sociable, because I was not in high school….at all.

I’ll admit I wish I had a closer relationship with more of those connections. By far my best friend here on campus is my boyfriend. His roommate is a close friend of mine, but I don’t enjoy him as much as I used to because (and this will sound terrible) he is feeling pretty down lately and only talks about negative things with me. I’m glad to be his friend in a time of need, but understandably it’s not a very fun friendship anymore. I have about…3 other friends here that I would be totally comfortable making conversation during a one on one meal. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy other people, just not close enough yet. I feel that is changing, though. I’m getting continually closer to many of my acquaintances here.

I still have, like, no female friends, which I miss. I guess that’s engineering school though.

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No. I just wish my best friend didn’t live 2,000 miles away. I like a small circle of friends that I’m really close with. I’m very introverted. Having too many relationships in my life would be stressful for me.

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I don’t mind my coterie. The more people you try to befriend, the less quality (based on sheer time management issues) friendships you’ll have.

Based on that, I don’t mind having a lot of acquaintances .

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God no. I’m deluged with friends. I have to lie to them to keep them off my back.

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I’m fine with the ones I have now. All my friends are super great friends. If I get more, then that’s cool, and if not, that’s cool too.

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I am a loner, thankfully so is my husband so we and our dogs and birds are quite happy together. We have friends and enjoy their company on occasion, we just don’t “need” the company of others.

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I would rather have the few great friends that I have than have a ton of fair weather friends. My friends are considered part of my family as I am consider part of theirs.

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No, I don’t think so. I enjoy the time I spend with friends, but I’m a serious introvert with anxiety, so I don’t want to do it very often. If I had more friends, I’d probably just feel guilty about not seeing them, too!

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No, because I’m happy with the few friends that I already have, we are very close and that is something I appreciate. I wouldn’t want to have a gazilion friends and not know anything about them.

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I have plenty of friends and I don’t particularly want more friends. I do sometimes wish that the ones I had were closer though. (emotionally closer, not in distance, although that would be nice too).

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No. I don’t really have time for the ones I do have. No reason to compound the issue.

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I always have room for more friends. But I am a lot more fussy these days. Sometimes, we acquire friends, from work, places we live or groups we join. I want people who touch my heart.

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Not really, as I am introverted and have my fiancĂ© and a few lifelong friends who are like siblings to me, which is enough. For casual interaction, I chat with so workers and my internet friends, which suits me just fine. I have grown very close to several people that I’ve met on sites like this, so I do consider some of them to be real friends, as well.

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A lot of my good friends have moved away (I still live in my hometown). My two best friends are now in San Diego and North Carolina.

My partner and I have made some good friends here, but really, I wouldn’t mind having more. People with similar interests are hard to find.

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@Mama_Cakes I hear you, I wish I could meet more people like the Fluthers in real life.

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I don’t need more friends, but more time to spend with them.

I’m an introvert, but I become lonely very quickly. I have a number of good friends, but we’re all suddenly at a point in our lives where we have very little time to socialize. From being in grad school, having an exhausting managerial position, working two or three jobs, etc. When I was in college I had so many good friends and acquaintances that I had trouble juggling my work and social calendar, and living on my own in a new town for grad school is still a big transition for me. My two best friends live hundreds of miles away, and that makes me sad. I miss them all the time, and we only get to talk on the phone once a month or so. I have some good friends in town but we are all so busy that we can’t spend much quality time together. Just made a good connection with a new friend last night, so that’s nice.

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YES. I would do everything I don’t do now, and I wouldn’t be so lonely.

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I have wonderful friends – several old friends and a number of new good friends I have made in the last year. I often don’t have enough time to keep up with all of them but some of them I speak to several times a week. It is one reason I am not looking to move to a new area any time soon.

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Yes of course.

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