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Why doesn't my perfume stay on?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 8th, 2012

Why the heck won’t my perfume stay on or last longer? I recently bought Taylor Swift’s “Wonderstruck Enchanted” and I really love the smell. I put it on today and literally 3 hours later I could not even smell it. I even sprayed it on me a few times. How can I make perfume last longer…. or does it really depend on the perfume itself? Help?! And does putting lotion on your skin before actually help the staying power?

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First, you get used to your own aroma after awhile and “lose” the scent even though others can still smell it. That’s why it’s not a good idea to pour the stuff on because you’ll be fine, but everyone around you will be choking on your fumes. This is also why we don’t smell our own natural body scent that everyone has, but other people can. You know how you walk into someone’s bedroom or get into their car and it smells like them, not so much their perfume? They can’t smell that, but you can, because you aren’t constantly surrounded by it.

Second, yes, putting the lotion (that is the same scent as the perfume, of course) on first does help the scent last longer. Using the body wash as well is even better, if you have it. But this is where it’s important to NOT use too much perfume, because you don’t want it to be too strong.

Third, perhaps it’s the perfume. I haven’t tried that one, but some just have no staying power. Have you had this issue with other perfumes as well?

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@livelaughlove21 I even asked my friend though in the car if he could smell it and he couldn’t :( and he was sitting a few inches from me on the driver’s seat…. sad.

No, this is the first time, so it could be the perfume, but then again I do not have the same matching lotion, so….

I have Viva La Juicy by Juicy (great scent!) and I can spray that directly on me without any lotion and it stays on for a long time… Have you smelled that one?

I also just ordered Lolita Lempicka and that one I’ve heard lasts about 8 hours!

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I don’t have the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted lotion, but I do have a non smelling Eucerin one… Do u think I can still use a regular non-scented lotion to use before I spray perfume on??

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It smells heavenly and divine, just wish I can make it stay on longer. Won’t be repurchasing. I should create an account with MakeupAlley just because of this lol.

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@partyrock No, I haven’t tried Viva La Juicy. I’m in the market for a new scent, though, so I may try it out next time I’m at the mall. I’m saving up for Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, which has some pretty impressive reviews.

I’m not sure about using regular lotion. I suppose it might help “lock in” the scent a bit, but probably not enough to have it last a substantial amount longer.

I created my MakeupAlley account to give something a bad review and never left. I leave a review there every time I try something new! I recently spent way too much money at Sephora and unloaded a bunch of rave reviews for those products recently.

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@livelaughlove21 – Have you heard anything about putting Vaseline on your skin before applying the perfume, and that holds it better?

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is amazing, good luck, hope you like it :)

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@partyrock Nope, can’t say that I have. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t work, I just haven’t done any research on the topic.

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Some perfumes just don’t have any ‘staying power’. They are blended so thinly they evaporate with the alcohol they are mixed with. The ‘Vaseline’ idea is quite gross, but it is a bit of an urban legend with roots in actual science. I would not use vaseline because that will stain your clothes.

When your skin is dry this time of year, the fragrance had nothing to cling to. It likes the natural oils of your skin. If you moisture really well with a non-perfumed lotion and then put on your perfume you will get better staying power. If you are able to get a lotion that contains the fragrance you like, even better. Layering the perfume can help it last longer too. (but remember, sometimes, if you like the spray on perfume, the lotion version can smell VERY different, so test it first. )

Fragrance oils and essential oils can be very strange and touching things. You probably experienced how one perfume can smell different on a friend than it smells on you. (I have the unfortunate malady that most expensive perfumes end up smelling like cat piss on me.) It has to do with our own very unique skin chemistry (not to mention what we ‘host’ on our skin.)

Try the unscented moisturiser trick and if that doesn’t work, I would say that it is just too poorly formulated a perfume and give it a miss. If it comes in a ‘cologne’ variety, you could try that. They are the smaller bottles that cost about twice as much. The are the concentrated version of the fragrance (which again, can smell a bit different from its perfume counterpart, so test to make sure you like it.)

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If I can I buy the oil bath version of a perfume. The oil base helps to keep it on. Or put a little cotton wool ball soaked with it, in your bra. Maybe you are not smelling it yourself though. I think most perfumes need to be refreshed every few hours anyway, some more than others.

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Crucial issue for some girls whom perfume doesn’t stay on them : how to make it last a little longer?

If like many others you have a skin that holds absolutely no scent and makes you almost regret buying overpriced juice, here are some tips for the smell to stay a little longer without emptying the bottle or give a pschitt every 4 minutes.

Why perfume doesn’t stay on ?

The skin is “alive”, it generates heat, sweating, and has its own acidity. Thus, some skin will reflect the same fragrance in different ways, which explains why we can recognize a perfume on someone, but the latter will not evolve in the same way according to the people.

That’s why a very sweet fragrance first jet can for example become softer after a few hours it is not only because the smell deteriorates, but also because its base notes are unveiled.

Thus, some skins are a breeding ground for perfume, and will really boost ratings and make them last. I know some girls who put two jets of perfume in the morning and stay scented until evening, naturally. The reverse is also possible, as some skins do not retain fragrance.
After a few hours, nothing left. Warning: many people do not “feel” their scent after a few more hours, quite simply because they are used to it!

Your best bet is to ask someone after a crossbred example, if your scent is still present. If the answer is negative you can now bypass the problem with some technical

Tip to have a solid perfume

The solid perfume and fragrance are the concrete form highly concentrated cream solidified (appearance is reminiscent of the wax). To apply, simply heat the product with his finger, or applied to the skin if it comes in solid tube (type lipstick)
You can apply it behind the ears to the neck or on your wrist. More discreet than a perfume as a liquid, it spreads easily and stays longer on the skin. Beware though, the concrete are often very expensive and unfortunately become increasingly rare.

Vaporizing on other parts of your body

First: the hair. In fact, the hair absorbs odors well (which explains why a following day of celebration, your hair smells like death and cold ashtray even if you do not smoke).
So you can spray some spray on your hair (without abuse) then jiggle (it is important not to get them wet, it is a sign that there is too much perfume). Two pschitts are more than enough.
This trick works well, but is not recommended if you are using heavily scented hair products (shampoo after vanilla or other) you run the risk of mixing odors and some really do not mix well together.
Secondly clothing. Pschitt on a sweater, and you are assured of smell the perfume all day non-stop, since the tissue retains the perfume very well. This is recommended when you are using a perfume “clear” (if for example dark as the highly concentrated perfume patchouli, you may accidentally staining your clothes), and if you do not spray a white garment.
The only flaw of this method is that the scent lacks a bit of subtlety as it has a “strong odor” that can last for a long time. It’s better with a light, fresh scent rather than with a heady scent.

Where to get solid perfume?

- Some brands offer their version of cult fragrances solid, like Elixir by Clinique Aromatic box or the concrete you can sometimes find at Marc Jacobs.
– Ulrich de Varens also sells trios solid perfumes, to compose the scent which it is desired for about ten euros, equally.

The scent goes on clothes and not on the skin.
It will remain on clothing!

- No scent on the skin: on the contrary there it grows and evolves with each. Avoid spraying in just before exposure to the sun, but that’s all. And few subjects are photosensitizing. If it does not on the skin, hair and clothing are indeed the best alternative.

The fragrance is a living and delicate product, it should be left away from light and heat to preserve and of course recap the bottle.
Perhaps it is merely a matter of habit or olfactory fatigue.
This may also be the result of chemical reactions of the skin due to illness, a change of season, pregnancy.

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It depends on the amount of oil in the perfume. If it has a lot of oil it is called “cologne”. It also depends on your skin oil. Some perfumes stink when they mix with some people’s skin oils. There is a lot of very subtle chemistry in perfumes, and not all of it is clearly known.

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