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Are you self-centered or are you willing to give and share?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 9th, 2012

1)Are you the type who will bend over backwards for others until it hurts or do you merely look out for #1?
2)Do your actions personify your self-centered or selfless nature?

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I’m a sharer.

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I am filled with self loathing, which prevents me from being self centered. I’m a giver.

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I enjoy giving and sharing comes easily to me, however, I am not a codependent people pleaser.
I choose when and how and who and what I give and do not do things out of a sense of duty or obligation.
I don’t have a high need to be appreciated or for ego strokes and my identity is not contingent on being seen in any particular light.

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I am learning day by day to put me as No.1. Since without me, there is nothing. If that makes sense. I used to give too much, time, money effort to others. And little to me. I’d like to say in the latter parts of my life I know better. But it will be a daily effort and reminder for me.

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If I like you, I am sharing.

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I used to be a sharer and often a doormat.
Now I aim for a happy medium.

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I try to be more a giver and less a taker. I believe that the more I think of myself the more I loose sight of things of importance.

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I am very much willing to give and share. But I am not self sacrificing. I am also willing to let other people give to me. I believe in giving to those who need it and to those who can give me what I want, too.

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I am very self-centered. I love the feeling I get when I give and share. If it made me feel bad, I probably wouldn’t do it, but it make me feel very good.

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I’d say I’m more of 1 than 2 but I do both.

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I’m both. I’ve learned that if I try to give others what they want, they are more likely to give me what I want. But I also find it is a pleasure to help others. And thanks are often plenty of a payback. There are a few people who show thanks in a very concrete way, and that, of course, is what I live for. Love is not selfless. It is reciprocal. That is, reciprocity seems to work best in building strong loves and strong relationships.

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’‘takes everything in this thread’’


I share and give, never had a problem with that. Will I bend over and give absolutely everything, and go out of my way to please people? Fuck no. But I like offering and helping with what I have, if people want or need it. Think of me as like, a motel or something.

also lol, bend over

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I always help others out in any way I can, and try my best to be giving and selfless. But, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I can be pretty self-centered at times.

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@Symbeline So you’re volunteering to bed over? What do you expect me to do? Spank you?

Sounds like too much work. I’m gonna go get me a latte, instead.

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After being taken advantage of by family members who were users I am less of a giver than I used to be. Now I make you prove yourself.

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Prove myself? Nope. I’m not spanking you, either, @JenniferP ;-) I’m going to get a latte. Sheesh. Do they think my arms are endless founts of strength? Read my lips. Not. Gonna. Spank!

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@wundayatta ’‘steals your latte’’ MINE!

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Anyone remember the rugrats cartoon?

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Yeah. I watched it all the time, it was awesome. ^^

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Figures. :P

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@wundayatta-I have no idea what you are talking about that you aren’t spanking me but I guess that is good. I don’t want to be spanked.

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I’m not a fan.

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