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Can anyone help me try figure out why my Mac wont work?

Asked by tan253 (2245points) December 9th, 2012

My mac computer wont turn on, well, the light flashes it makes this weird tonal noise and will go on but then will turn off straight away.
Ok, so I did accidentally pour some water on it – but I’m wondering if it’s something I can fix or if I have to take it in.

Also I have another Mac where the screen wont turn on as, ok I spilled water on that too (I know.) That one turns on but the screen stays black.
I know it’s working as my MBox lights up (for protools)

Any thoughts?

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I would take in the one thats making noise. As for the other one that stays on but the screen stays black sounds like your nividi is dead. I think the video card is on the motherboard which is not the best news. I had the same problem (not water) when my macs screen would’t come on. I had to buy a new mac because it would have meant changing out the motherboard. Try an external monitor to be sure.

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Learn how to be more mindful and/or don’t eat or drink anywhere your electronic devices?

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My daughter did that to my macbook pro when my neice was watching her with apple juice and what it did was fry the mother board it was going to cost about $1200 but they did it for half the price when I told them I just got this and it just got a new mother board from a issue that was their problem. So when I was going to walk out.

Take it to apple they will be able to tell you in minutes whats wrong.

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Sounds like a trip to the fix-em shop and a visit with the Genius Bar.

pooters don’t work well after shorting them out with or toasting them in the trunk of a car.

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