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Do you wish more Jellies had blogs?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 9th, 2012

I find so many Jellies here, to be so interesting. Plus have such worthwhile things to say. Some also have great humor, others such wisdom. Do you wish they had a Blog? I sure do.

Or even would tell us a little more about themselves. Respecting privacy of course.

If anyone is keen, perhaps you could share a little more about yourselves here? In this thread. Or thoughts on the above. Or even special remarks or comments that meant a lot to you?

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@Shippy, Fluther is my blog, haven’t you noticed? Haha. I’ve already got an archaeological record going on here. I used to keep a blog when I was in high school. It was shared between myself and two friends. That was fun, but I don’t think I have the time and dedication for it anymore.

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I had a blog when I lived in Orlando. It was called Voice in Wilderness Orlando. I haven’t revived it since I moved three years ago.

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No, i’ve never read any & don’t intend to do so in the near future.

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You mean this isn’t a blog?

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You can click on my name to read my profile… I appreciate not everyone fills theirs in.

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Some people do or have kept blogs. I have checked out a few. I don’t have time to write a blog. It has crossed my mind to write one about my work but that would identify me and I wouldn’t share it here.

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Lol this does seem to be my blog as @bookish1 and @zensky said.
I do wish I could know more about certain people or not have to get to know them by the answers they give which is gradual.
However it is sort of akin to real life is it not? Learning about people is a process.
However it is a bonus when people share additional info or have linked stuff to their profiles.

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Hey @Shippy, where’d ya go? Hope this isn’t a permanent decision; I’ll miss you.

I blogged very very regularly, like nearly every day, ages 12–15. That was the beginning of my love for the internet. It was eventually replaced with sites similar to Fluther. I blogged again a wee bit when I was stuck at home getting my surgeries. Mostly just angry rants because it was a hard time. I blogged again when I first came back to school, but it was a differential equations blog intended to help the students I tutor, so that’s not really exciting. I don’t have time to blog anymore, which is a shame because my life is very exciting.

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I had a blog link here for a while, but hardly anyone followed it. I think that no one would be interested in blogs. Certainly not my blog. We like Q&A, not blogs. I know with me it’s an attention span problem. I don’t know what it might be with other people.

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I know there are jellies who clicked through the link on my profile to my blog.
Not sure what they got out of it. Blogs are weird creatures. Much like jellies.

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Come back, @Shippy! We miss you!

I have a blog, but hardly ever write in it anymore. Not enough time. Link is on my profile page, if anyone is interested.

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I loved reading shippy’s stuff,

it would be cool to read the artists blogs

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I guess I just don’t quite understand the purpose of blogs. I look at them sometimes, but mostly just to get recipes, I don’t read the blog per se. I prefer this Q&A format much better.

What happened to Shippy?

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I keep thinking I’m going to start a blog. I have several blog URLs saved on various platforms. I just never get around to actually posting on any of them. Maybe when I have internet access at home. Maybe.

But then, I’ve never been able to keep a diary, either. At least on Q&A sites I can convince myself that someone actually wants to read what I have to say, since they put the effort out to ask a question on a site on which I’m active. It doesn’t take long for me to get bored posting on a blog that no one reads.

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I keep a diary and have done for many many years since before blogs were thought of.

psssst Shippy, where have you gone?.........

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Actually, that could be pretty cool. I’ve had experience following a person’s blog on Answerbag before, and she just talked about her life, the fun stuff, the mundane stuff, but it was interesting anyways. She also posted a bunch of stuff about video games. Like what she was playing, how far she got and shit. She didn’t have many entries but it was continual, and I found myself checking it regularly.
Not saying I’d read every single blog there would be if we all had one, but probably many would be very interesting. I’d at least check em out. I might not be interested in all of em, but knowing the assortment of freaks and geeks and peeps we got up in dis beetch, I’d most likely find something cool to read.

In my case, if I had a blog I’d probably just post stuff about Vikings and zombies, and this game I’m playing where one of the enemies rapes you in the ass. I’m serious I’m not even being funny, this actually happens. fuckin weird ass game

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@Symbeline Do they have it for Wii? probably not… none of the cool games are on Wii.

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@flutherother pSst! I’m here. Kinda.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Yeah I just checked, it’s on Xbox 360 and PS3 only. :/

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@Symbeline: Vikings did that too.

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I really wish some game existed where you play as Vikings, running around looting, raping and setting shit on fire.

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“Dear Squaresoft…”

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Dear Squaresoft. You fucks. Stop making Final Fantasy. And stop being a vampire and sucking up all the life force from other honest game companies. First it was SquareEnix. Then it will be SquareNamco, SquareBandai, and then SquareEnixBandaiNamcoTombRaiderEidos.

You guys piss me the hell off. Final Fantasy was awesome back when it was awesome. Like, when your protagonist used swords and shit. Now listen up. This is the game that I want.

You’re a Viking chieftain. Your goal is to spread the law of steel, as well as your sperm. You manage your troops, you train them against wolves and polar bears. You gather food, furs, you make weapons, you get drunk. This could be a cool Viking simulation game, and you know it.

Mind you everyone over at Square, I respect and admire the actual, true history Vikings. But you guys can’t make any game anymore unless the main character is named after a weather disaster. So has spoken chieftain Nightstorm AleChugger. Ya heard?

You build drakkars. You travel to foreign lands, brave the violent seas, then you meet new and ecxiting people…you honor their battle spirit…then you slaughter them. Use tactics, use cunning, use force. Rape everyone. Take their shit. And as Cerdic so wonderfully quoted, leave no children or women behind who may eventually learn to wield a sword.

That is, of course, unless you want to capture them, make them slaves or warriors. Fuck up Lindisfarne. Trade with Indians, discover new lands, and spread your badassness all around. This could be a game. A real cool Viking sim game which incorporates both the romanticized Viking and the real Viking. And destroy all internet pirate memes, once and for all.

You have classes. Warriors, berserkers, shamans, potion brewers, blacksmiths, shipbuilders, The Joker. They’re all there.

Come on Square. You can do this. YOU’RE FUCKIN VIKINGS YOURSELVES when it comes to the gaming industry, so how hard can it be?

Also include a hair styling feature so I can make my Vikings look all cool. Face paint. Funky helmets. And I want bears as pets. And wolves. And then some kind of pantherwolf. DO IT.

Sincerely yours,

Gabrihell FrozenNoseTroll of the IronBraid Clan

I apologize in advance folks, but now you know why I don’t have a blog

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I would totally subscribe to this blog. And add my name to the petition.

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I am trying to build a horror movie website, but damn it’s a lot of work haha

Also I forgot about Valkyrie Profile, which is a game based on Norse mythology in which you train warriors for Ragnarok. in short Props to my good friend Bookish for reminding me of it.

And although you might see the name Square on later ports, all they ever did was grab all the credit. They never touched or did anything in the game otherwise.

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@Symbeline: Valkyrie Profile’s a beautiful game. Very cinematic feeling. And they made Valkyrie into a total badass and a pretty complicated character. Nice job. It was Enix, right?

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That’s right man. Enix is fucking cool, and every one of their games has always been top quality. Always uber long, in depth and, actually, damn challenging.

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@Symbeline : Their Star Ocean 2 is still my favorite of all time.

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Heeeeell yeah! It’s a great game, spent SOOO many hours playing that lol. Writing books and shit and crafting stuff…and oh yeah, fighting. Lol. I love how one of the last bosses you fight is always screaming ’‘shut up and die!!’’ Classic lol.

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@Symbeline : I love that game so much that I couldn’t even bear to fight the last boss battle. It was like a wonderful book that I never wanted to end. Also, remember how you can cultivate emotional relationships between different characters? I totally made Ashton and Claude special friends ;)

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loll its amazing how some questions go off on their own direction

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@Shippy do you consider it a bad thing?

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@bookish1 LOL that’s awesome. Ashton and Claude. Lmao. Yeah it’s one of those games that was so in depth and grand that you ask yourself today…wow, on PS1?
But hey, if you don’t want the game to end…it has like, 200 different endings? Whoever wrote a FAQ for that game is so goddamn hero, I swear.

with that in mind, I actually got Barret and Cloud to have a date together on the gondola ride in the Gold Saucer lmao

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@rosehips Not at all its a conversation, love conversations even if I don’t understand the content at times :P

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